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Best Sites For Campaign voice

Best Sites For Campaign voice
  • busines-standard
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  • yahoo
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  • timesofindia
  • 4.
  • nacdor
  • 5.
  • indiafm
  • 6.
  • righttoinformation
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  • helpageindia
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  • rediff
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  • indiainfo
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  • timesofindia
  • Campaigning voice or propaganda is generally done to promote something. The campaign voice can be for a social cause, political party, new openings etc. Campaigning helps to hog limelight easily. This in turn works for the purpose of marketing. These campaigns usually involve somebody with a celebrity stature so that his involvement in that particular campaign creates more media hype and public interest. However some advertising campaigns some time resort to gimmicks or publicity stunts in order to draw attention of the public towards their campaign. But on the other hand there are a lot of famous people campaigning for various social issues to make the public more aware about them. Bestindiansites.com presents you the best ten websites on campaign voice and its related issues.

    busines-standard (www.business-standard.com)

    Cricketers have always been a hot favourite for being voice campaigns of big brands and products. Look in this site to know which brand is being campaigned by which cricketer. Also get the company’s advertising system and procedures from this site. This is definitely a site worth a visit if you want to keep yourself updated on news of the various celebrities campaigning for different products.

    yahoo (in.biz.yahoo.coml)

    Cricketers and movie stars have always been the craze for the Indian audience. Hence, brand companies mostly use them as campaign voice. Know the full information about how much the stars get paid for each campaigning such great information, browse through and get to know your favourite stars better.

    timesofindia (www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

    Pepsico India, the soft drinks company that sponsored and wished to encash on the hype of World Cup by making the Indian team as their campaign voice has failed miserably. For full information on their present and future plans about campaigning, this site is your best guide to know all you want.

    nacdor (www.nacdor.org)

    This is a campaign for the abolition of a social evil that has been prevalent in India for ages. This social evil of keeping the lower caste or people ostracized from the mainstream social arena. The “wada na toro” campaign under taken by the Dalit society of India involves rallies and distribution of pamphlets to raise social awareness about the plight of the Dalits and their bid for social dignity. This is a campaign which got whole hearted response from all over India especially in northwestern India.

    indiafm (indiafm.com)

    This is an article which informs us about the impending social campaign of former Miss Universe Lara Dutta. She has decided to lend her voice for a good cause. She has joined the millennium campaign which speaks on a lot of issues involving children such as Poverty, Education, Equality, Disease, Environment and Child Mortality. This campaign is to go on air at the end of the month of June. It is hoped that the involvement of a celebrity of Lara Dutta's stature will lend a new zing to the millennium campaign.

    righttoinformation (www.righttoinformation.info)

    The National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) endeavours to empower people and to deepen democracy, through promoting people’s right to information. There is an apathy in the Indian political system among the government politicians and bureaucrats about keeping the Indian public in the loop about several key issues of the nation. With the use of this right to information this campaign seeks to fight corruption and social apathy, to make governments more humane.

    helpageindia (www.helpageindia.org/joinHands.php)

    Help Age India has undertaken a social campaign for the cause and care of the disadvantaged senior citizens of India. This campaign strives to ensure a better quality of life for the aged and helpless who are in a financially disadvantageous position. This site also gives you information on the beneficiaries of the campaign. You can participate in this campaign too and all the directions of the necessary procedures of participating and contributing in this campaign are discussed in this site too.

    rediff (www.rediff.com)

    This is an article which delineates information about the campaign against HIV Aids conducted by Amitabh Bacchan, one of the matinée idols of India. Mr. Bacchan has been appointed special ambassador to India by the Nelson Mandela foundation to lead a nation wide campaign to prevent and fight against one of the greatest maladies threatening mankind which is HIV aids. Definitely an article worth a read by all socially conscious people of India!

    indiainfo (news.indiainfo.com)

    Interested to know about the political scenario of Uttar Pradesh? Want to know about the campaigns going on and their campaign voices? Look for all in this page to know about the campaign spokesperson and their views about the coming election in Uttar Pradesh. To know how they are gearing up for the campaigning to convince people to vote them is just a click away.

    timesofindia (www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

    Imagine a call center that answers all questions of people about a political party. Yes, that’s exactly what congress party has done in Uttar Pradesh to communicate with people. Know how political parties have also got bugged by technology. Browse through this site to gather information about how modern communication gadgets have become the campaign voice for the parties.

    Glean information about the various campaigns being conducted in India from this web page.

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