Best Sites For Children

Best Sites For Children
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This page consists of a listing of Children sites based in India. The list of sites mentioned here is based solely on the discretion of our team of editors, who personally go and review each and every site. If you feel there is some site that falls under the category of Children Learning Websites,and has the potential of being listed on this page, kindly do let us know.

indianchild (

One of the most popular sites meant for children, is a safe internet site where you can find nursery rhymes, short stories, educational movie information, ancient Indian tales and tongue twisters. Parents can check out this site for tips on raising children, information on baby products, baby names, prayers and information on many other topics related to children.

4 to 40 (, one of the award winning web portals for children and parents offers lots of information for children and parents. Find stories, folk tales, poems, games, jokes, information on Bhagavad Gita, books and videos from this website. also offers information on parenting and activities for children. Other features of the site include e-Greetings, e-pal, e-Circle and record book.

Dim Dima (

Owned by Amrita Bharti, a unit of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, is an online children's magazine where one can find everything from entertainment to education. You can check out the various sections like story time, knowledge, sports, ecology, science lab, fun zone, smart kids, school zone or book zone. Learn to make different types of things from the craft and activity section or check out the pictures in the picture gallery of

Pitara (, is a children'sbestindiansitesowned by Pitara Kids Network, India ( The website is filled with fun and activities for the kids. The site has a number of sections like activities, talespin, games, magazine, discover and news which are informative and entertaining also. One can also find a number of proverbs, jokes, quotations, limericks, riddles and tongue twisters from Parents can check out this site for tips on raising kids.

Netfunda (

Netfundu is a fun filled website meant for children. Find out information on books, jokes, education, career, contests, quiz, sports and movies from this site. Special feature include Aunt JJ, who will answer all your queries and solve your problems. Sent e-cards, chat with friends and increase your general knowledge from

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Indian Baby Names (

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