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  • Comic breach of freedom is achieved in comic relief. We have seen comic relief since the Victorian era and now with the change in attitude and change in the outlook of people comic relief has taken the shape of cartoon characters. Who doesn't like to read a little bit of Archie comics, or doesn't like to know whether Dagwood really did clean the garage finally or if Dennis got into some new trouble? These insinuate a free mind and the ability to imagine further. Get your dose of laughter by breezing through the online comics galleries. Take a break from the mundane routine of daily chores and get transported to the world of characters who tickle funny bones in you.

    Diamondcomic (www.diamondcomic.com/subpage/chacha.html)

    This site brings you full fledged information about the famous Chacha Chowdhary comic series which has wooed the heart of Indian children for the past few decades. This witty and sprightly octogenarian is a menace to all the small time goons and ruffians and his exploits are a laughter riot. So go ahead and buy some Chacha Chowdhury comic books from this site and have some unadulterated fun. This site will also regale you with myriads of trivia on Chacha chowdhury comic series and its creator Pran.

    comics (www.comics.com/)

    Whether you are looking for offbeat comics or comics for 18 year olds or comics for men, women or even family, comics.com has it all. This site gives a well defined category of comics which makes it easier for the user to locate which comic he would like to read or purchase online. The site takes care that along with providing information on comics it also keeps the user entertained by snippets of comics to introduce the page. The look of the site has been made in such a way that it gives a feel of fun for the user.

    comics.ha (comics.ha.com)

    This site allows you to buy comic books online. But what is unique about this is that you can bid for your favorite comic character or the book that you want. This site not only lets you buy comics but also allows the users to sell their comic books to them too.

    comicsdiamond (www.comicsdiamond.com/comic-world.html)

    If you are enthralled by the funny and adventurous exploits of the various comic characters this could just be the site for you. In this site which belongs to comic’s world you will find all your favorite comic character - be it Indian comic heroes or foreign ones. Among the Indian comic characters you can find the comics of Chacha Chowdhury, Billoo, Pinky and Tinkle in this site. So all you comic buffs go ahead and have some rib tickling moments by visiting this site.

    amarchitrakatha (www.amarchitrakatha.com/intro.htm)

    Introduce yourself to the ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ - the series of Indian comic books for children by clicking on to this site! Acquaint yourself with the father of Indian comics- Mr. Anant Pai, the creative mind behind this fantastic comic series. Are you curious to know what has inspired Mr. Anant Pai to come up with this brilliant idea of writing Amar Chitra Katha? This site will certainly feed your curiosity and you will have a fully fair idea of the stories and tales that are depicted in Amar Chitra Katha.

    shopping.sify (shopping.sify.com/shopping)

    Are you an Amar Chitra Katha comics buff? If your answer is positive then this website will prove to be extremely helpful as you can now select and even order the Amar Chitra Katha comics online by simply logging on to this site. You can also save a considerable sum of money by ordering online. So avail yourself of this unique opportunity of selecting and buying your all-time favorite comic series online by simply clicking onto this site. Happy buying!

    saralsoft (www.saralsoft.com/mmakatha.htm)

    Embark on a multimedia voyage with the Jungle Whispers and you will find yourself in the classic fantasyland of Amar Chitra Katha! The Jungle Whispers, developed by the Phoenix Global Solutions offers well-animated stories of Amar Chitra Katha with read-along and audio features. The Jungle Whispers also has specially designed games for children. Visit this site and experience the fun with the Jungle Whispers!

    gocomics (www.gocomics.com/comics/)

    For you daily subscription of comic strips this site is a must visit. This also gives provision for comics to be posted on you e-mail box on request. The site also provides relief from stressed working conditions with the entire category of games it consists. Besides, it also provides certain featured services and mobile services.

    iitk (www.iitk.ac.in)

    Comics are indisputably one of the easiest ways to reach into a child's mind. However, we must remember that the creation of comics manually is not only time consuming but laborious too. So, if you want to create your own comic strip in an Indian language this site brings you the perfect software tool to materialize your creative dreams. Unleash the comic artist in you with this user friendly software which helps you to create animated comic strips in various Indian languages.

    content.msn (content.msn.co.in/Lifestyle)

    This newspaper article informs you about a comic strip with a difference. This comic strip created by the Population Council of India and four other NGO's has a predominantly adult target audience. The comic series name “Josh mein hai hosh”(sense in Passion) and “ Khoon ka katra”( A drop of Blood) are meant to spread awareness about HIV aids in a light hearted tone. Definitely, a commendable effort and worth a read!

    Explore the fantasy world of comics with the help of this page which regales you with details of various sites which gives information on comic strips.

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    Amar Chitra katha (www.bestindiansites.com/comics/amar-chitra-katha.html)

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