Best Computer Sites

Best Computer Sites
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hyd.stpi icanprogram
Computers has reached far corners of the world in several forms, be it desktops, laptops and even the new generation tablets, smartphones and phablets. Technology is being upgraded so fast that it is difficult to keep track on your own. Enter technology sites. They provide articles and reviews about the latest products and software.

Computer was invented primarily for the purpose of computing. But modern computers can literally perform anything ranging from launching a spaceship at a speed greater than sound to a more earthly matter like working with data at the back office. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to cater multitasking. Computers have become an inseparable part in every aspect of human existence. Based on size and efficiency, computers are of several types: personal computer, desktop, laptop or notebook, palmtop or personal digital assistant, workstation, server, mainframe, supercomputer and the latest wearable. The sites listed below are the ten most trusted and reliable Indian websites on computers, their basic functions, softwares and hardwares and many other attributes.

List Of Top Computer Websites In India:

Chip  (

This is a leading website giving info on computers and everything related to it. It has reviews, buying guide for various forms of computers, advices for using different software and enhancing the performance of computer hardware, interviews by tech experts, and numerous downloadable wallpapers, software and applications.

Tech2  (

This is one of the best websites giving info on computers. It covers computers of all forms including notebooks, phones and tablets. It also has discussions of cameras, gaming consoles and apps. You can find here reviews of these, tech expert opinions, advices, discussion forum, videos and a tab where you can compare products.

Anand Tech  (

If you are looking for information about computer hardware primarily, Anand Tech is one of the best websites in India. The site has detailed info on various computer parts like CPU, motherboard, hard drive etc. It also keeps its audience up to date with new hardware launches and reviews these critically. You can also get help with specific hardware questions by discussing the topic in the forum here.

GigaOm  (

GigaOm is a website giving info about computer and technology with in depth analysis and research. Started by Om Malik in 2006 as a blog, the website today has about 5.5 million readers in a month. It’s up to date scoops from the world of computers and “smart” gadgets have made it popular among tech enthusiasts.

Computer World  (

This is the Indian version of the popular tech site of the US of the same that has been in existence since 1967. In addition to news updates, expert opinions, reviews of new launches, interviews of tech celebrities, videos and advices, the site has case studies about various innovations in the world of computers and its forms. 

PC World  (

PC World is a popular website giving info on computers. It has easy to understand articles for tech novices and extensive topics from how-to’s and software downloads to news updates to hardware & software reviews. You can also find buying guides, price estimates and ratings of different types of computers and gadgets.

Think Digit  (

Think Digit is another popular technology site in India that has a large amount of information on computers. It covers topics from laptops & PCs to PC components and storage devices. You can find their reviews and latest news updates here. You can also browse through discussions about how to increase performance of your system and expert opinion on the gamut of new devices in the market.

Tech Enclave  (

Tech Enclave is a well known website giving latest information on computers. It covers new hardware and software launches. The site is famous for its forum that has over 49,000 members. You can find here guides to everything related to computers including buying, using and even enhancing their performance.

Tech Tree  (

Tech Tree is a sought after computer information giving website in India. It has news articles and analysis regarding various hardware and software of computer brands. You can read in depth reviews of new computers, mobile phones game consoles, and cameras. The site has interactive features as well like opinion polls and comments on each article.

Tech Circle  (

Tech Circle is a technology news website that gives information on the business of computers. It covers a range of categories including internet, gadgets, tech start-ups and mobile phones. Users can find latest news articles that include exclusives. In addition, it has in depth analysis of the various happenings in the computer world.

Some Other Computer Related Websites

ciol (

This is the official website of Cybermedia India Online Ltd. (CIOL), offering voluminous information on computers and the Information Technology (IT) industry. Get information on top IT companies, IT professionals, vendors, solution providers, major events and latest updates about the IT industry. You can become a member of this site or use the online question-answer section to resolve your queries. The Tutorials column on the left can be quite useful for you for troubleshooting purposes.

ipott (

Computers run on softwares. IPOTT is a virtual database of softwares available in India. You can search for a softwares and buy it online at competitive prices. Just sign up with them to start your software hunting. Do check out the IT services they provide. Get a review of the latest softwares available in iPOTT. Get to know about all the 'Interesting Softwares' that dominate IT sector.

webindia ( hosts the official website of Advait Systems, providing exhaustive information about the company and its business. Get full information about its services like website development and hosting, placement services, corporate training programs and many other related issues. Acquire the basic idea on information technology from the web portal of Advait Systems.

outsource2india (

Owned by Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Outsource to India website provides information concerning business outsourcing in India. Get information on its call center services, data management, engineering services, software services, health care services, e-learning solutions, KPO services and various other additional services. Glean through articles on outsourcing and get latest news about the company, their work ethics and achievements only from

cdac (

The official website of the Center for development Advanced Computing (CDAC) offers extensive insight about the organization, its products and services, research undertaken and growth. Get all sorts of information on subjects like Multilingual technologies, Multimedia technologies, e-Governance and other topics. Job seekers can aspire to build their career with CDAC or can check out various e-learning courses from this website. (

Got hopelessly stuck between your willingness to learn and your financial limitations in finding out means for the same? Stop worrying! The official website of Free Software Foundation of India, a non-profit organization, chips in with free softwares to facilitate your purposes. Get complete information about the organization. Get details regarding their GNU Program, information on free software, free software business, free software and education and other associated matters. Go through articles about major developments and events organized by Free Software Foundation of India as well.

hyd.stpi (

Hyderabad, the Cyber City of India, has been instrumental in initializing Information Technology blast in India. This is the official website of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), a community set up by the Government of India for promoting and encouraging software export from India. Amass extensive information about the STPI in Hyderabad, its services, export units and tenders. The website offers information on its STPI's datacom and statutory services too. Get recent updates about the community and check out investment opportunities from this website.

icanprogram (

Who doesn't love to learn something new, especially some basic programming, without having to spend a single buck? This sounds tempting primarily to students. Don't suffer from inferiority complex amidst the fierce competition around you just because you don't know the P of programming. Learn how to program online. Learn the most relevant and key programming techniques that would have otherwise required tons of bucks for free. boasts of having coached programming students from 50 different countries.

acsysindia (

ACYS Software India private limited is a leading technical service provider in the mutual fund industry both for Indian as well as for other global players. There are many areas in the mutual fund market where they have proved their nonpareil competence. They are known for designing software products, applications and solutions which are at par with today's market requirements. Its main products are INVESTARK, eFund Distributor, MFISC/D, DISTRAK and AIS. Aspiring professionals may find some lucrative and substantial career options from the site. (

DOEACC society is renowned for imparting computer training to the students of India. It also offers some computer courses in the field of hardware like CHM O level and CHM A level. Both these courses contain the essential ingredients of a virtual hardware program like PC debugging, Computer peripheral, PC architecture, etc. It also offers placement assistance at the end of both the courses. You can apply for registration, accreditation, DOEACC experts or examination online. Come and take a decisive step towards a glorious future in hardware.

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