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Best Sites For Gladrags Manhunt Contest

Best Sites For Gladrags Manhunt Contest
  • kbclive
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  • Gladrags_Manhunt_Contestvies
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  • andhranews
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  • livinggallery
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  • indbazaar
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  • banglalive
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  • outlookindia
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  • outlookindia
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  • ibnlive
  • Gladrags is an Indian Fashion Magazine which conducts an annual manhunt contest. The most appealing male is chosen as the winner. Gladrags manhunt contest is largely about style, glamour, panache and great bodies. The contest continues with fanfare for about a month and is followed by a grand finale extravaganza. The final screening of the contestants is done in Mumbai where the models have to walk the ramp in swim wear and formal attire. Among them the final 18 contestants are selected for the grand show. Gladrags Manhunt was the brain child of Mrs. Maureen Wadia, who still takes active interest in the contest and spends day in and day out to groom the contestants so that the winner may take part in international pageants on behalf of India. The following are the chosen websites to open the doors of Gladrags Manhunt contest for you.

    kbclive (kbclive.indya.com)

    This is a one stop official site for you if you are interested in Gladrags Manhunt contest. It gives all information about the contest along with some delectable picture of the contestants. And it also provides you with the entry form for the Gladrags Manhunt contest in case you are interested in participating in the contest. The whole contest is handled with professionalism and care in such a way it leaves an indelible mark on the minds of all the participants as well as viewers.

    Gladrags_Manhunt_Contestvies (en.wikipedia.org)

    This site provides an informative article on Gladrags Manhunt contest. Some authentic bits of information are provided here. In case, you are caught unaware by the relevance of this pageant in todayís world, then it is time to get some under-the-mats issues straight-jacketed.

    andhranews (www.andhranews.net)

    This is a news paper article on the recent holding of Gladrags Manhunt contest. It gives details of the contest which was judged by the socialites and celebrities of Mumbai Film Industry and the fashion world. This being an Andhra daily, it doesn't refrain from harping on the fact that Hyderabad boy Karan Singh got the 'best body' award in the contest.

    livinggallery (livinggallery.oneindia.in)

    This website provides you with some exclusively enticing pictures form the last Gladrag Manhunt and Gladrags Mega model contest. Along with picture of some of the contestants, this site also includes pictures of the likes of Dino Morea and Koena Mitra who judged the contest.

    indbazaar (www.indbazaar.com)

    This site gives a delightful interview of hunky model Dhiraj Amonkar who was also a finalist of Gladrags Manhunt contest. Here he talks about how he was the only one selected from Goa in the contest. It lays down the fact how a national modeling platform like Gladrags Manhunt Contest has changed his life for the better and propelled him further in his career. A must read article for all wannabe male models.

    banglalive (www.banglalive.com)

    This site gives a blow by blow description of the 2006 Gladrags man hunt contest, the way it was held and who won it. It will inform you on the grand finale and how it was enlivened by colorful performances by the Meet Brothers and Shibani Kashyap.

    outlookindia (www.outlookindia.com)

    This article gives a twist in the tale about the Gladrags Manhunt contest. The contest stipulates that only unmarried men can take part in the contest. This has been a raging controversy in India when Laxmi Pundit, the winner of Miss India world contest voluntarily returned her title against allegation of her allegedly being married with Siddharth Mishra, which she claims was a fake marriage to gain some housing accommodations. Now, with a bizarre twist in the tale Siddharth Mishra, the alleged husband of Laxmi Pundit, has been debarred from participating in Gladrags Manhunt Contest.

    outlookindia (www.outlookindia.com)

    This is an archival story on the 2000 Gladrags Manhunt contest in case one wished to go down the memory lane and rekindle the glam show of the hunks of that year which was won by Regee Varghese from Secundrabad. This article gives a delightful depiction of the contest which was judged by Hrithick Roshan.

    ibnlive (www.ibnlive.com)

    This site provides an interesting interview of Maureen Wadia, the founder member of Gladrags Manhunt Contest. She gives clear cut answers about the glamour hunting that she does, her aims in life and social works she is involved in. Provides an interesting insight into her life and the contests she had given a quick start and flourished.

    These sites aim to give you a birdís eye view of the Gladrags Manhunt contest held in India.

    If you are still hungry for more information please visit www.bestindiansites.com

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