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  • If you have an internet connection and more importantly a PC at home, the world of internet conventions is an open doorway. Conferencing or conventions is a common phenomenon these days when more than 2 heads should participate in any event online. Want the websites on community conventions? Or do you need to know about International conventions? The bestindiansites.com gives you the web addresses of all the happening places where gaming conventions, net meetings, online conventions and official conventions are gaining grounds.

    freeconference (freeconference.com)

    With freeconference.com easy, user-friendly and trustworthy conventions for businesses, individuals and organizations have become so simple. There are 3 categories in which the desired net callers can tread into a net conferencing. A premium service is offered with only 10 cents per minute, a standard version of scheduled meeting and a reservation less version are present. You can choose your option and start holding conventions.

    webex (www.webex.co.in)

    At webex.co.in, booking audio convention and web convention are like calling home to home on a land phone. Before becoming a member of the tribe, you can check for yourself whether it is worth your pains. You can join the on-demand demo for a test drive. After assessing the quality you can book your name in the register to conference chat.

    gopio (www.gopio.net)

    Indian citizens thronging the foreign soil, pull up your socks to gather up online. This online community Gopio has woven all Indians across the globe. With the membership to this web community, get connected to other Indian Gopio members, read up the international achievements of Indians, join cultural councils and be the proud attendants of the conventions.

    ciionline (www.ciionline.org)

    Want to join the global tigers of biotechnology? You can ramp up the Indian spirit by being a member of CII. Grab information on business fairs and be a privileged reader of the scholarly reviews on consumer attitude on electricity supply, on roundtables on communicative policies, on ensuing Delhi commonwealth games and reports on textile summits. So it is a place to find the essential information you need to accumulate.

    conventionicpb (www.conventionicpb.org)

    Patriots will be too elated to find the essence of India online. NRIs stationed far off from the home land or the home bound Indians at heart can converge here to keep track of India's journey. If you are interested to know India like the palm of your hand, get updated from the press releases, know the past and the upcoming conferences, their locations and facilities. Are you a conference planner or a trade organization looking to bid for the international conferences? Be a member to join in the league.

    cio (www.cio.in)

    Online community conventions can help in solving global issues. To know how, you have to read through the article posted in this site. Log in and get information on the online conventions and its significance. This site provides you the benefit to post your own views on the topic after reading the one available. Check it out.

    humanrights (humanrights.indlaw.com)

    This is the online site of human rights. A click of the mouse on this site can take you on the tour of this site. Here you will get detailed information on the international conventions and treaties, community and other related issues from this site. Browse through to enhance your ideas.

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