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Best Sites For Dhoti

Best Sites For Dhoti
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  • homeindia
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  • telegraphindia
  • Dhoti is a traditional Indian men's wear. Even today men love to wear this ethnic wear occasionally. But it is very difficult to tie a dhoti. The following list of sites will inform you about various aspects of dhoti and how to drape it. Attire worn by important political persons makes a political statement. People say that clothes may or may not make a man but they certainly make a point when political leaders wear them. Indian political leaders wear their political ideologies on their sleeves by choosing clothes. So if you follow the dhoti trend in Indian political arena, they will tell altogether a different story. Learn about the art of wearing dhotis, where to shop dhotis and the power game of dhotis all in these exclusively hunted websites.

    Dhoticc (en.wikipedia.org)

    Dhoti is known to be a traditional wear for men all over the country. It is called by different names and worn differently in different sates of India. Over the past century or more, the western clothings have taken the place of traditional Indian wear like dhoti. But in traditional functions like wedding ceremony, it still enjoys an eminent status and preferred by men, all across India. Read more in this site on dhoti and about its custom, usage, styles and varieties.

    fashiontemptations (www.fashiontemptations.com)

    If you are an Indian male who love to wear dhoti on traditional occasions but don't know how to wear it, this is an ideal site for you. It will give you a step by step instruction about how to wear a dhoti. Along with it you will also get interesting tips on the convenience of wearing dhoti. For example did you know that though you don't have a pocket in a dhoti, but you can carry small items, such as keys, cash, ID etc. in the rolls at the waist line of a dhoti? Feel curious? Browse through this website to know more.

    devi (www.devi.net)

    Among traditional Indian clothings, dhoti is one of the most ancient traditional clothing for men. Great men like Mahatma Gandhi used to wear dhoti. Even today Indian men wear dhoti as ethnic attire. Today the size and pattern of wearing it differs from the past. Come to this site to know more about the history and Indian art of draping dhoti.

    ndtv.indiaplaza.in (ndtv.indiaplaza.in)

    The Indian apparel, dhoti is still preferred by most Indian men on traditional occasions. If you feel apprehensive about going to shops to buy dhotis, the solution is right here. Here on line you can view lucrative collection different types of dhotis, can get to know about the price range and shop on line.

    homeindia (www.homeindia.com)

    If you are a typical man who hates shopping but loves to wear dhotis occasionally on traditional functions, then browse through this site to get a view of exclusive collection of dhotis. There is a wide range of collection to choose from. Starting from cotton zari dhoti, silk dhoti and colored dhoti to other designer types, you will get all.

    chennaibazaar (www.chennaibazaar.com)

    During wedding ceremonies, men indulge themselves in fashionable ethnic Indian menswear. Because men clad in dhoti reflects our rich heritage and culture and at the same time also looks gorgeous. View an attractive range of catalogue of dhotis to shop on line. Here you will get silk dhotis with borders of different width and colors.

    www.siddhashram.org (siddhashram)

    Wearing dhoti is not an easy task. For that reason the modern generation doesn't usually wear dhotis except for wedding ceremonies. If you want to know detail information on how tie a dhoti then this website is just cut out for you. This website will satisfy all your queries about dhotis and will surely dispel all your fear about wearing dhoti.

    littleindia (www.littleindia.com)

    This is an interesting website taking you to the world of Bollywood and will show Indian heroes sporting a sparkling white dhoti on screen. Starting from Richard Attenborough's 'Gandhi' and even in the modern times, films like Lagaan, Shah Rukh khan in Devdaas, they not only beat up the villain clad in western cloths but also win the heart of the heroines by showing chivalry. Find out the entire history of Bollywood movies where the heroes established the magic of this traditional Indian men's wear by flaunting it on the silver screen.

    hindu (www.hindu.com)

    You will get here an interesting story about a man whose father hailed from the British ruled India. During that time the dhoti used to symbolize patriotism and used to represent a fight against the British. Eminent people like Gandhi and Nehru used to wear dhoti and influenced their lay followers who marched along their footsteps. Even in modern India, in the south, many people take oath in dhotis. Thus it can be said that dhoti has achieved a national respect. Read the full story about dhoti power.

    telegraphindia (www.telegraphindia.com)

    Dhoti has always played an important role in the power play of the political arena. The power of dhoti is also displayed in the Indian political arena. Dhoti clad Mahatma Gandhi had influenced thousands of Indians during the British ruled India. Gandhiji's dhoti spoke for his ideology. By wearing dhoti Gandhji made a political statement. On the other side B.R. Ambedkar made another point by shunning the attire. In modern times, Vajpayee has switched to dhoti and nowadays it is difficult to imagine him anything but wearing dhoti. Get a political perspective on dhoti in this article.

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