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Culture has a crucial role to play in the growth and development of a country. The diversity and heterogeneity of a country like India is embodied by its manifold traditions and culture. The creativity and inventiveness of the different social communities in India gets manifested by their economic, social and cultural activities. The following websites attempt to portray the cultural variety of the country. (

This is one of the official portals of the Indian government and covers almost all administrative departments like commerce, agriculture, education, industries, and infrastructure including of course ‘arts and culture’. The section on ‘art & culture’ furnishes info on monuments, paintings, fairs and festivals, theatre music, literature, handicrafts, archaeology, visual and so on. You can connect with the site if you need information on any cultural aspect or for providing your feedbacks.

Ministry of Culture(

This is the official website of the ‘Ministry of Culture’ and provides complete data about the activities undertaken by the ministry to promote culture in all its myriad forms in the country. Scan the sections of schemes, cultural relations, publications, attached offices, subordinate offices, and autonomous bodies to keep yourself updated on the cultural front. Don’t miss on scanning the ‘what’s new’ section.


Although this is a portal that focuses on diverse genres, it regularly carries blogs and articles on Indian culture, traditions, rituals and practices. The site furnishes valuable details about the numerous languages, religions, food habits, clothing, arts, architecture, customs and festivals, and much more.

India Culture(

The India Culture is one-of-its-kind website that singularly emphasizes on cultural issues and matters. The site encourages you to read and post your comments on topics that are trending. You’ll find sections on movies and entertainment, religious faith, and listing of India-specific portals on culture.

Esamskriti (

This is yet another website that is completely devoted to cataloguing the variegated attributes of culture. Read essays on ‘Indian culture and traditions’, ‘Vedanta’, Yoga and Meditation, browse through image galleries, contribute a composition and connect with other related sites. (

Via this portal you can have a good grasp of the Indian culture by glimpsing through galleries on ‘arts and crafts’ having sub-sections on earthenware, metallic creations, and much more. Surely connect with hyperlinks on healthcare, history, matrimonial, fashion, education, cuisine and so on. (

This website excels in portraying Indian culture, traditional customs, and arts. Get familiar with the assorted cultural attributes by clicking on thumbnails of different categories and sub-categories. There is a separate section for youngsters that inculcate them to give shape to their artistic talent. ( is a storehouse of Indian traditions and cultures. The site takes you on a virtual tour of the nation’s cultural past and also guides you on the emergence of India as a modern nation.

Indian mirror stresses on the fundamental characteristics of Indian culture and society. The site elaborates on how the nation through the ages has always preached and practiced secularity, tolerance of other religions, and how to maintain unity in diversity. The site details how you can groom yourself by reading the Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita. (

The site has links on significant facets of Indian culture including but not limited to dance, music, fairs, religions, archaeology, cuisine and festivals. Through this site, you’ll be able to have a holistic understanding of the immensity of the Indian cultural mores and rituals.

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