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Best Sites For Education in India

Best Sites For Education in India
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  • India has been an important seat of learning from time immemorial. In modern times also esteemed Indian universities like BITS, ISBM, IISc, IIMs are world famous. All levels of Best Sites For Education in India from primary to higher education are supervised by the Department of Higher Education (India). The main focus of primary Best Sites For Education in India is the literacy campaign. While on the arena of higher education Indian government is considering 100% foreign direct investment. Certain educational policies in the different Indian states vary since educational decisions are not only taken by the central government but the state governments also.


    This site delineates information about school Best Sites For Education in India and literacy campaigns undertaken by the Indian government. Both primary and secondary school Best Sites For Education in India and the different government policies regarding those are discussed in details here. From this site you can get the link to other government sites on education like the “National council for Teacher Education” and 'Bharat Sikhsha kosh’ which is another administrative body on Indian education system.


    This site is a veritable powerhouse of information on the education scene in India. Gamuts of details from career guidance to the information about various premiere higher education centers in India are outlined here. It tells you about some off beat careers if you are not interested in studying with the regular subjects. In this site you can buy and sell your study materials too. If you have any genuine dilemma about your education you can also send in your queries which will be answered promptly by the experienced counselor who lend their services to this site.


    This site gives you all the authentic information about the medical Best Sites For Education in India. If you are a medical student or a wannabe doctor you can glance through this treasure trove of medical information which not only informs you about the various international medical journals but provides you with a medical dictionary. All information regarding the various medical admission tests in India are also furnished in this site.


    This is one of the major portals which provide you with comprehensive guideline about higher Best Sites For Education in India. Through this site you can glean knowledge about various career options offered in the deemed universities of India. This is a site which provides you with the necessary know how about the various online and distance learning courses which can be availed on by people who are working. So visit this site and give your educational career a boost.


    “Global Events and Exposition” is the premiere education fair organizer in India. This is an institution which has dedicated it self to the service of the Indian student community worldwide. Exhibitions and fairs are one of the most effective and cost friendly way of highlighting different educational prospects to the students interested in higher studies. With this aim of propagating higher education among India students, GEE has organized various fairs throughout the length and breadth of India.


    This is just the site for you if you are a student and confused about what career to pursue or which stream of education to follow. This is a site which gives you an exhaustive guideline about the various Central government examinations which you can sit for. This provides also links to the various professional examinations conducted all over India. You can get also a free CDs delivered to your doorsteps which will relieve you with most of your career related tensions. All this you can do by just logging into this site or enrolling with them.


    This is a site which divulges detailed statistics about the education scenario in India. In this site you can find data, tables and exhaustive information on Indian education system. Apart form this, various topics like the distance learning courses available in India, the different boards of education in different Indian states are all touched upon in this site. It also harps on the literacy level and literacy campaign conducted by the Indian government.


    For students planning to pursue higher education of professional education this is a gem of a site. In this site detailed information about the CAT examinations conducted in India, the different business schools of India and the prestigious IIMs of India are all divulged. This gives you an overview of careers in “Defence” like the military, navy or air force. You can also log in your complaint or queries if you have any with this site. In this site you can regale yourself with information on various online courses which you can pursue to enhance your educational career.


    This is a pertinent newspaper article which highlights one of the major flaws of the education system in India .The writer alleges that moral values are totally neglect in the education procedure of India. This view is emphasized the speech given by Mr Karan Singh who is the president of the Indian council of Cultural relations. Mr Singh opines that education nowadays in India has grown too utilitarian. It should also equally contribute towards developing a parson's aesthetic sense and moral character.


    This is a website which gives you elaborate information on the educational resources in India. All the information about the various professional courses and colleges in Andhra Pradesh are all up to date and reliable. Since IT forms a major pillar of higher Best Sites For Education in India especially in Andhra Pradesh this site also comes up with the latest news on IT. Various links to the other educational bodies of Andhra Pradesh are also provided in this site.

    Glean information on the educational scenario of India from the cluster of site provides in this web page

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