Best Sites for Ethnic Culture

Best Sites for Ethnic Culture
TheindiancultureEthnic Art of India 
India is a country of people with multiple beliefs, values, attitudes etc. There are over eight hundred linguistic and 560 ethnic groups of different race, religion, caste and tribes. A conglomeration of people from different religious, caste, culture, linguistic background and ethnic color, this country is still maintaining a true unity in diversity. People of India are strongly united on the issue of nationhood (Indian nationality or National Integration) but emotional unity and integration are yet to be seen. People of India are maintaining strong personal and social identity on different pretext. This distinct identity makes any ethnic group different from another. This distinctiveness sometimes becomes causes of conflict and differences between one another. Find out more about the ethnic culture of India with

Meet the ethnic groups of Nepal. If you are planning a visit to the country, you will be impressed by the diversity in their ethnic culture. Meet the two major groups in Nepal and find out interesting facts about them. Learn about the different groups in different temperate zones in the country. Find out more from the site.

Indian marriages cannot be imagined without the wedding card. Invitation cards are an inseparable part of Indian marriages. Visit this site and design the perfect card for this special occasion. Take a look at all the marriage or wedding cards available online and pick your choice of cards from this site.

Buy your ethnic furniture from Laboutique. Take a look at all the beautiful ethnic furniture they have displayed for you to choose from. Furniture exhibits a large part of the ethnic culture of India since it showcases the tastes of the different types of people residing in the country. Take a look now.

Adorn your body with ethnic tribal jewellery. This jewellery comes from the tribal people of India and has become a trend among jewellery lovers. You can place your order for the ethnic piece of tribal jewellery right now from the site. The price of each piece of jewellery is mentioned here.

Ethnic paintings have found a huge place among art lovers. It brings out the varied culture of India and also allows the artists to express their views on the ethnic culture of the country. Ask for a price quotation and grab your piece of ethnic paintings from here. Take a look right away.

Get your ethnic paintings from this site. The painting here depicts Hindu mythology and is a must have at your home. Besides knowing about the paintings, you can also know about the art of different tribes of Madhya Pradesh. Learn about their art form which is an important part of the ethnic culture of India.

Kerala is a State of rich ethnic culture. Now you can also become a part of the same culture. This site will help you do so. Learn about all the ethnic culture of Kerala and find out where the inhabitants of Kerala have originated from. Find out about the civilizations that flourished there. Take a look at this melting pot of several ethnic and religious groups. Find out more.

Food forms a really important part of the ethnic culture of India. It is a representative of the varied culture India has. The different cuisines showcase all the different tastes in ethnicity. This site gives your taste buds a time to remember. Look for tasty gourmet befitting the ethnic culture of India.

What would one know of the ethnic culture of a place if he or she is not aware of the festivals and rituals of that particular place! This site brings you face to face with the festivals of India and their importance in different religion. Take a look at what Christmas is all about or Eid or even Durga Puja. This site will tell you of the cultural mix that the country enjoys and its importance in ethnic culture.

Ethnic Art of

Visit ethnic art of India and you can view the varied colours its people have put into it. Internationally renowned artist Sandhya Arvind presents her collection of the ethnic Indian tribal art or ‘Warli’ and folk art ‘Madhubani’. Take a look and soothe your eyes with the ethnic culture that is depicted here.

Know the people of India and find out the true colours of ethnic India. Meet the people and know about their culture, all from this site. Scores of languages, among them 22 have been recognized by the Government, and hundreds of dialects are spoken in this country. Each language is a repertoire of rich ethnic culture that it belongs to. Find out more from the site.

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