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Best Sites For Jat history

Best Sites For Jat history
  • wikipedia
  • 2.
  • Dabas
  • 3.
  • Jatland
  • 4.
  • Haryana-online
  • 5.
  • Webindia123
  • 6.
  • 4to40
  • 7.
  • Vedamsbooks
  • 8.
  • Answers.com
  • 9.
  • Sansanwal
  • 10.
  • Lppindia
  • The history depicts the Jats as a brave, courageous and loyal race of India. They are divided in many clans. Jats are not only Hindus but include Sikhs and Muslims as well. Their bravery partially caused to the decline of the Mughal Dynasty. In the following list of the sites the history, origin, habitat, food habit, life and culture of the Jats are enumerated to quench your thirst for information.

    wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_and_culture_of_Jats )

    The site focusses on the overall aspects of the Jat life in general. It includes various topics related to Jat life, for example, their profession, their place in agriculture, their love for land, their contribution to the green revolution, love for animals, food habits and the ornament of the Jat men and women etc. It portrays Jats as brave and loyal people and gives a generalized view of the Jat people.

    Dabas (www.dabas.org)

    An extensive article from a historian's point of view is given here. Jats are described here “The Gana” or a distinct federation of North India. The origin of the Jat clan and other ethnic races who share similar view point are described here. A special mention to “The Dabas” in particular as a prominent Jat clan is mentioned. A comprehensive description of Several Jat Rulers is given in the site.

    Jatland.com/ (www.jatland.com)

    It is a dedicated site which provides the Jats around the world a space where they can communicate and share their views and common spirit. It is going to add more features in the near future so that the users can have an excellent online community experience. The site also provides a matrimonial service. You can click on the Jatlandwiki. It is a knowledgebase on Jats that is growing at a rapid rate. You can also browse the language, gotras, and Jat history in this section.

    Haryana-online (www.haryana-online.com/People/jats.htm)

    Here is an erudite article on the Jats that explains their prominence in the Indian history, their designation in the ancient Indian history. It emphasizes on the rise of the Jats and why it helped in the fall of the Mughal Dynasty. So brush up on your knowledge of Jats and how they cinched a place in history.

    Webindia123.com (www.webindia123.com/Hariyana/People/People.htm)

    The place of the Jats in India and its history are explained here in the site along with their significance in the country's history as a race. This is another site where you can accumulate value-added information on the Jats as a valiant clan who made aplomb contribution to the freedom movements of the country. Heard of the phrase that Jats in a place and the world goes tumbled? Read to know how their rebelliousness brought about crusades.

    4jats.4to40.com (4jats.4to40.com/jat_community_article.asp?jat_community=4)

    According to the historians, the origin of the Jats is ambiguous. Here in this website you get to browse through several theories of different historians about the lineage of the Jats. In addition to that it represents the history of the Jats and gives an interesting insight into the genetics of the Jats.

    Vedamsbooks.com (www.vedamsbooks.com/no29325.htm)

    The site lists contents on several topics related to the Jats, such as Jat's history in Aurangzeb's reign, expansion of the Jat power, Ahmed Shah Durani's campaign against The Jats, the Jat's rise during the Aurangzeb's time and various theories regarding the origin of the Jats.

    Answers.com (www.answers.com/topic/jat-people)

    This site helps us to trace back the origin and the ethnicity of the Jats in Indian history. It briefs you about the place of the Jats in Islamic history, ancient Jat kingdoms and Jat kingdoms in medieval history. The Jats have a different cultural identity in India and the site expounds on the Jats as a race in detail.

    Sansanwal.com (www.sansanwal.com/Default.aspx?tabid=95)

    The origin of the Jats is disputed among historians. Generally it refers to the Hindu Jats but there are a significant number of Sikh and Muslim Jats as well. It not only discusses the origin and the 'gotras' of the race but also the place of the Jats in Indian history. The site defines the Jat clan and ethnicity elaborately.

    Lppindia.com (www.lppindia.com/htm/8188629162.htm)

    In this site you will get an interesting review on the book called "the Jats". This site briefs on the topics that are discussed here about Jats. The author of the book has assembled evidence and sources about the clan structure of the Jat, geographical spread of the Jat settlement, crystallization of the Jat settlement, social awakening of the community. In short it covers all aspects of Jat, in terms of social, economic and cultural life.

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