Mushaira is an Urdu word which means “an event”. It is used to describe a poetic platform where poets gather to recite and perform their creations. Highly popular in Pakistan and North India,mushaira is an open ground to explore ones creativity. Ghazals and shayaris are the traditional forms used in these competitions. Appraisal for the poets creativity is done by audiences in between his recital or performances. The best performer is generally the last to perform in these contests but anyone can come forward and ask to perform. Tarahi Mushaira is one of the most famous forms of mushaira competitions. Here you get 10 websites to help you improve your knowledge and solve your queries on the topic “mushaira”.  (

This is one of the largest websites for arts and crafts. It provides tips and techniques to make different items at home using limited and easily available materials. The items are categorized as Kids Craft, Needle Work, Wall Hangings, Painting, Flower Making, Toy Making etc. Each of these categories has articles that give detailed instructions for making a particular type of the craft, like Painting has Batik Design, Water Color Painting, Leaf Painting etc.  (

This is a one stop site for all types of shayari lovers. Here in this site, you get the feel of some best compositions of different flavor and class by some of the eminent poets of India and abroad. So browse through this site and feel the pulse of good creativity.  (

This website covers various aspects of arts and crafts in India, which includes paintings, photography, sculpture, crafts and dances. Each of these has sub categories explaining their different types like Indian crafts has sub categories like Leather Craft and Wood Crafts, and Indian Paintings has Folk and Tanjore Paintings. You can find here information about their origin, significance, techniques and procedures.  (

From this site you get all relevant information about the mushaira held all over the world. You can also have audio clips of poetry in the poets own voice as well as English translation of selective pieces. Also visit the poetry contest and readers' poetry sections to prove your creative abilities.  ( mumbai_bombay_poetry.html)

Know about the eminent personalities of India of shayari and ghazal. Visit this site and feel the essence of some of the best works of the best poet's shayari and ghazals. Here you get translations and original works in various languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and Urdu.  (

This website has how-to guides and tutorials for making a variety of arts, crafts and other entertaining stuff like writing song lyrics and doing a quick change card trick. The site caters to both kids and adults. The instructions given in the tutorials are easy to understand and follow for both. Some of the art and craft tutorials here are origami for kids, sketching people’s faces, Halloween games for adults, and making fabric rose flowers.  (

Know from this site about the club promoting the practice, study and upliftment of Hindi and Urdu languages and its literary forms. The club encourages contests and participation of poetry reading, recitation and creativity of one's own self. From this site you get to know all about this organization-its history, goals and participants.  (

Are you ignorant about the concept of mushaira? Enhance your knowledge from this site about mushaira-a poetic competition of shayari and ghazals. Know the forms and types of compositions of various poets with different misras..  (

Do you feel you have the creativity in you? Want to participate in online contest of shayari and poems? This site is more like an online mushaira and you can submit your own creations in this site. Follow the rules and regulation from this site and show off your creativity (
Just need the definition of mushaira in a very precise and compact way? Go for this site and get the solution of your query in just the way you want.

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