Best Sites for Native Culture

Best Sites for Native Culture
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Culture is a definitive term meant for representing a social scheme of shared notions, values, rituals and behavior patterns earnestly practiced within a community, often with immaterial or aesthetic intentions. Indian culture has been generally marked as a culmination of a wide variety of cultures from across the world. Despite several invasions and foreign interventions from time to time, India has been able to steadfastly cling onto her deeply rooted cultural values and beliefs. But India has earned her own distinguishable identity in the cultural domain of the universe not just by allowing other creeds to merge in but also by cultivating her own native resources. Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism Sikhism and Christianity are the six major schools of religion in India. Apart from religious connotations, culture encompasses a wide range of activities and practices such as literature, painting, dance and music, sculpture, architecture, history, theater, sports and entertainment and cuisine. This site attempts to provide you with some of the most authentic Indian sites on Native Indian culture. :(

News Today comes up with an excerpt of an interview with Swami Dayananda Saraswati who is an institutional figure in matters of Hindu religion. This article is surely going to be an edifying experience for you. He touches upon various contemporary issues of Hinduism including preservation of native culture, the inherent attributes of tolerance in Hinduism and many more. Click on the following link to find out more... :(

V. Sundaram from News Today shares with you his evaluation of a book on Indian Anthropology and Sociology written by Sandhya Jain. In the book she vehemently tries to promote the fact that the so-called separated tribals are actually an integral part of the Hindu culture and that Indian native culture must not be categorized as a derogatory cultural form markedly different from Hinduism or other mainstream cultures. :(

This one is a well-knit article canvassing exquisite forms of native crafts ranging from metal works to earthen pottery. The innate craftsmanship of native artisans is appraised in the article. Remember to take a peep at other topics as well. Hear the past echoing in your ears and enjoy the smell of earth only with…. :(

Talking of native culture, Indian Child deftly focuses on a very relevant point regarding the intrinsic values of a common Indian in matters of living, eating habits and sartorial expressions. This site is an ode to the fundamental traits of Indian cultural heritage. A pictorial diagram is given in the page, describing how the Indians greet one another in their very own manner. Do check out the links that are there at the bottom, especially 'KNOW INDIA' and 'sites for Indian culture'.

If you are really thrilled to bits to get yourself well-conversant with the native culture of India and expand your horizon, you simply have to visit this site at least once! It is going to give you a real-life simulation of touring India and exploring the cultural diversity with all its resplendent hues and charms. The site throws light on traditional Indian art, music, dancing, festivals and cuisine. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity. Also avail the chance of having free suggestions to plan and manage your dream holidays in India! :-(

Want to enhance your awareness of native Indian communal as well as individualistic culture? This site again stands by the theory that Indian culture is primarily indigenous, despite the intermingling of other cultures and values. The lessons of tolerance, brotherhood, humanity, secularism and unity were taught to the world by native Indian scholars and pundits like Swami Vivekananda and a few other luminous personalities. Visit the following site to find more on this topic.

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