Best Sites For Pop Culture

Best Sites For Pop Culture
Pop culture consists of widespread cultural element in a given society. Pop culture finds its expression in the mass circulation of items from the different spheres of life such as fashion, music or sports. But music is the main conveyor of present day pop culture with pop bands and pop artists enjoying iconic status. If you freak out on pop songs this is where you can take on a virtual tour of the pop cultural arena of India. Pop culture is relatively new in India and is mainly a western import but presently it has become a part and parcel of the life style of Indian youth. Indian pop or “Indi-pop” music, as it is more popularly known, has tremendous appeal among today’s youth who try to emulate the hairstyles to fashion statement of artists. Pop culture is the in-thing among the Generation Y and it forms and invincible part of their lifestyle.

This site provides an insightful article on the pop culture of India. Indian pop music scenario has grown manifold in the recent years where its fan following among Indian youth has increased by leaps and bounds. If you are a pop music buff you can update yourself about the history and origin on Indian pop. The foot tapping music has not only permeated in India but among non resident Indians residing in the other parts of the world too.

If you are a pop music aficionado and pop chartbusters are the regular fares being belted out of your music system this is just the site for you. Log onto this site and get introduced to the top notch pop artists of India and their mellifluous music. This site also provides you with a forum of discussion on pop music. There are also huge repertoires of Disk Jockeys and musicians who can be contacted through this site. Get some hauntingly romantic lyrics of some popular songs.

Pop music has caught the pulse of Indian youth with its foot tapping music and catchy tunes. Enrich your collection of pop songs with this site. This site gives you a wide and extensive range of pop songs which you can listen online and also download. The site also brings you a range of cool mobile tunes from latest pop chartbusters. So take your fill of Indian pop songs from this site.

This site gives you an insightful article on the genre of Indi-pop and its evolution. It is relatively a new genre and has mainly flourished with the back up of popular Indian music channels, like Channel V and MTV. Indian pop tough mainly written in vernacular but they often emulate the fast paced tunes from English pop songs. Daler Mehendi, Rageswari, Alisha Chinoy are few of the most popular name in the Indian pop music scenario.

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have always been bastions of Indian classical music. But the youth living in the cities of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are not totally impervious to the appeal of Indian pop culture. In a bid to promote pop culture and popularize pop music in these two southern states the music company Saregama has organized a state wide talent hunt in collaboration with music maestro A. R. Rehman. This article bears a testimony of the fact that how music channels and music companies have aided and contributed to the spread of popular culture in India.

Remo Fernandez can also be called a king of Indi-pop music. He was the first Indian to represent India at an international pop song competition. This site eulogizes this matinée idol of Indian pop culture. This site gives a host of information on the various musical achievements of Remo Fernandes. It also delineates some recent sample of his upcoming music albums and some press releases about him. You can also send your feedback to this website.

The undisputed leader in the world of Indian “Bhangra pop” Daler Mehendi, is an Indian pop artist who enjoys a tremendous fan following through out the world. This site sings a paean of this great pop artist. It provides you with myriads of details on him and his accomplishments. It also delineates a list of his most popular char buster pop songs which has swayed millions of Indian with their catchy tunes and racy melody.

This is a charming article for all those interested in juicy bits of trivia about Indian pop artists. Falguni Pathak till date was known as the Duchess of Dandiya music but now she aims at being a pop princess too and this article throws light on her attempts. Her recent MTV awards for her song “Maine churi jo khankayi” bears testimony to the fact that her efforts are being recognized by the pop music channels as well as the music lovers of India.

If you are a worried parent brooding about the influence of the television pop culture on you adolescent kids this site empathizes with you. This site describes a book written by an Indian born academic at the University of San Fransisco. The book titled “Becoming a Global Audience: Longing and Belonging in the Indian Music Television” is an erudite discourse on the influences of western pop culture on Indian youth. It tries to point out the unsavory fact that Indian pop music channels have used Indian culture to sully the very ethos and values it represents. This article will force you to take a deep look at the long term effect of this superficial pop culture on Indian youth.

This is another indictment of the so called ill influences of Indian pop culture. Kathak maestro Birju Maharaj is considered as one of the undisputed emperor of Kathak, a classical dance form. But this veteran classical artist is disappointed and disheartened at the degeneration of India's rich heritage of song and dance and cultural values with the influences of incongruous western pop culture. He registers his protest at the so called “fusion” of art form in all arenas, be it music or dance. The fusion of classical tunes or dances with pop music of popular dancing steps has violated the sanctity and basic character of these classical art forms.

This page will help you to skip through the history, evolution and the present state of pop culture in India.

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