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Best Sites For Sikh Culture

Best Sites For Sikh Culture
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  • sikhnet
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  • pegasusinfocorp
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  • topix
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  • matrimonialsindia
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  • Punjab is a beautiful and colorful state located in the northern part of India. Punjab is the hometown of the Sikh community. The Sikh culture is an extremely rich and vibrant culture. Ceremonies and festivals are the heart and soul of the Sikh culture. Music and dance are neatly woven into the very fabric of the Sikh culture. The Sikh culture has various aspects. Religion plays an immensely important role in the Sikh culture. Marriage is viewed as a religious duty in the Sikh culture. Expose yourself to the Sikh culture by logging on to the following 10 sites:

    dnaindia.com: (www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1090994)

    Introduce yourself to the Sikh culture of India. A beauty pageant was organized on 15th April in New Delhi with the aim of promoting the Sikh culture. This web portal hosts an article on this beauty pageant. How did you find the article? You can post your own comments here. This is a very user friendly website. Guess what! --- Just submit your e-mail address and you will find the daily news in your inbox. Look for any topic by accessing the search box provided here.

    sikhnet.com: (www.sikhnet.com/)

    This web portal is especially dedicated to the Sikh community. What’s the latest buzz in the Sikh community?—you can always stay informed by checking -out the SikhNet news. Access the SikhNet radio network. Are you eager to pursue the Jaap Sahib course? Check-out relevant information on this course. It also offers you a weblog where you can air your own views and comments. This portal hosts a matrimonial website for the Sikh community. You can also navigate through a host of other links related to the Sikh community and the Sikh culture.

    pegasusinfocorp.com: (www.pegasusinfocorp.com/resources/india_info/culture_tradition.htm)

    Acquaint yourself with the culture and tradition of India by reading the article posted on this website. Expose yourself to the Sikh culture of India. Visit their web portal if you want to read more of their articles. The articles posted on this portal can be reprinted if the conditions outlined here are fully complied with. You can click on the related links which you will find on the right hand side of the portal. You will find the search box extremely handy.

    topix.net: (www.topix.net/religion/sikh/2007/04/a-beauty-pageant-to-promote-sikh-culture)

    To promote the Sikh culture a beauty pageant was organized in New Delhi on 15th April. Check-out the full story of this beauty pageant by visiting this site. The search box provided here enables you to search anything related to the Sikh community. Keep yourself posted with the latest news and occurrences within the Sikh community by clicking on the Sikh news. If you are interested to become a member of the community, fill up the online membership form and get yourself registered. Here you will also find related links to the Sikh matrimonial websites.

    sikh.matrimonialsindia.com: (sikh.matrimonialsindia.com/sikh-culture/index.htm)

    Acquaint yourself with the Sikh culture. This portal is the largest matrimonial network dedicated to the Sikh community. Search your dream partner with the help of this portal. Here you can post your profile free of charge. Check-out comprehensive information on the Sikh religion. Learn about the creation of the “Khalsa”. Familiarize yourself with the Khalsa symbols and learn about their significance.

    sikhnewsline.com: (www.sikhnewsline.com/)

    Welcome to the online news portal of the Sikh community. Keep yourself updated with latest news and developments within the Sikh community. If you want to be a part of the community you can register yourself online. This is a comprehensive web portal devoted to the Sikh community. You will find a host of navigational links related to the Sikh community and the Sikh culture on this website.

    punjabgovt.nic.in: (punjabgovt.nic.in/Culture/SocietyCulture.htm)

    The Sikh culture is the predominant culture in Punjab. Learn about the Sikh culture by logging on to the official website of Punjab. You will get an in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of Punjab by going through this portal. Enjoy the archaeological wonders of Punjab. You will find a host of navigable links on topics related to Sikh culture and the Sikh community here. Besides you can also browse through the e-mail directory and the web directory provided here.

    khoj.com: (www.khoj.com/Life_and_Family/Travel/Punjab/Fairs_and_Festivals/)

    Festivals and fairs are an integral component of the Sikh culture. Equip yourself with knowledge and information on the fairs and festivals observed in Punjab by browsing through this site. Here you will find a comprehensive list of websites dedicated exclusively to the fairs and festivals of Punjab. Search for any topic and get relevant information by availing the search box presented here. Browse through the web directory. You can also navigate through the other related links.

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