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Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram is the most magnificent of all festivals in Kerala, a state in Southern India. It is usually held in the Malayalam month of 'Medam'. These festivities were introduced by Sakhthan Thampuran the Maharaja of the former state of Cochin in the eighteenth century. The festivities in Thrissur Pooram include huge procession of people as well as caparisoned elephants who traverse from various neighboring temples to Varakumnathan Temple. Among these processions from different temples the most noteworthy are the processions from the Krishna Temple of Thiruvambadi and Devi Temple at Paramekkavu. The Pooram festivals are also legendary for their magnificent fire works display . The magnificence and pomp of these fire works display continue for hours bedazzling the spectators. The festivals of Thissur Pooram are an expression of the local people's love of sound, color and pompous pageantry. The main part of the Thrissur Festivals include the displays of parasols and processions by the two rival groups form Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi representing the two parts of Thrissur.


This is an informative article on the magnificent festivities which take place in Thrissur or Trichur in the months of April-May. These festivities or Poorams are called 'Pooram of all Porams ' or 'the mother of all poorams' so exalted and heightened is the scale of celebrations here. Artistically decorated elephants take part in the procession which come out from different temples of Thrissur and then travel towards the Varakumnathan Temple in Thrissur. An interesting and detailed article on the celebrations in Thrissur, indeed!


This is the official site of Thrissur Pooram and this delightful site will give you a wide gamut of information on the festivities which take place there. They also contain some delightful pictorial depiction of the spectacles in Thrissur Pooram. In this interesting site, you can also order laminated wall photos of the grand festivities which take place in Thrissur. Interestingly enough if you are interested in taking part in the Pooram in Thrissur you can order caparisoned elephants to hire from this site also.


This site emphasizes the fact that the festival of Thrissur Pooram is above all a public festival which is of national character like Kumbha Mela of Uttar Pradesh or Rath Yatra of Orissa. It also provides you with many interesting bits of trivia about the pomp and glory of the festival. The spectacular fire work displays usually starts at 3 am at night and carry on till 6 am and by the next afternoon the festival is usually over. The best caparisoned elephants from all over Kerala are sent to take part in the prestigious Thrissur Pooram. The main part of the festivity takes place in the Varakeumnathan temple which is situated in a hillock in the middle of the city and attracts thousands of devotees during the Pooram.


This site describes the festivities in Thrissur Pooram as a most colourful festival in Kerala and a cultural highlight per excellence. It also harps on the popular character of the festival underlining the fact that more than a mere religious ceremony this festival is a people’s festival where people from all caste and creed are allowed to participate. This site also touches upon the genesis and origin of the festival.


This is an interesting site which draws a lively picture of the Pooram festivities held in Thrissur or Thrichur. It depicts the ritual followed in the festival where in procession of brightly dressed men and caparisoned elephants proceed towards the Vadakumnathan Temple built at the center of the city in ancient Keralian style. In the temple 13 elephants face each other in two rows. Each pachyderm bears an umbrella holder and a peacock fan holder and between the elephants stands the procession of percussionists and orchestra players who gradually play up to a crescendo. All these kaleidoscope of colours, magnificent sounds make this a sight to behold.


This site provides a picturesque depiction of the grand pageantry held in Thrissur Pooram. It gives a lively description of the procession about thirty brightly dressed elephants who form the major attraction on the festivities. Another major attraction is the 'kudamattam' ritual where myriads of bright parasols are exchanged by people sitting atop elephants


This site provides you with a charming article on the grand finale of the festivities in Thrissur. The Pooram festivals have been depicted in this article with great authenticity. It harps on the risk involved in conducting such a festival on a grand scale which involves the movement of the tusker through a sea of humanity. Even one elephant running amok could take a huge toll of lives. It emphasizes the measure taken by the authorities to make the festival and the scintillating fire work displays as safe for the public as possible.


This site provides you with a lucid delineation of Thrissur Pooram festivities which took place this year. Though there was a slight apprehension that this year they might not be held due to security reasons but to the jubilation of thousands of spectators they resumed from April 26. According to Ravi Chandran, one of the organizers of the Pooram, the legal tangle over the use of elephants and safety of fire work display in the festivities had disappointed the Pooram enthusiasts. He points out that in the history of the festival for the past years there has not been any incident of the temple elephants killing people. He has hailed the resumption of festivities as a victory of the people.


Thrissur is most famous for its huge festivities during the Pooram and its scintillating fire work display. This site is an ode to that mammoth pageantry during the Thrissur festivities. It gives a small but informative depiction of the origin and rituals of the Thrissur Pooram festival.


The article on this site provides a faithful delineation of the different rituals and festivities held in Thrissur Pooram. It touches upon the different rituals and aspects of the grand event. An interesting read for the Pooram enthusiasts.

These sites try to provide you with a faithful and realistic delineation of the festivities in Thrissur Pooram.

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