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Tripuri Culture

Tripuri culture is a rich and composite culture which upholds the traditions of various tribes like Chakmas, Garos, Maslums etc. There are total nineteen tribes in Tripura and all of them have their individual contribution to the overall development of Tripuri culture. All the tribes have their individual dance forms. The main dance forms are Hozagiri, Lebang Boomani, Jhum, Garia, Mamita, Hai -hak etc. Tripura also has a long tradition of making exquisite crafts from cane and bamboo and also wood carving. Long association with poet Rabindranath Tagore has added luster to the cultural scenario of Tripura. The state has also produced famous musicians like Sachin Dev Burman and Rahul Dev Burman. Explore the face of Tripuri culture through the array of websites.


This north eastern state has a rich and mystic past and shows a composite nature in its culture since it is inhabited bye as many as 19 tribes. They all have their individual traditions and customs, making Tripuri culture a rich and kaleidoscopic one. Tripura has several dance forms like “Hai Hak dance of Maslums and 'Bizu' dance associated with Chakmas. Along with that bamboo and cane artworks also form a quintessential part of Tripuri culture. Get an overview of them all here.


This site throws spotlight on the bamboo and cane culture of Tripura. The handicraft of Tripura reflect an inborn craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the Tripuri people and their life style. Tripura has a unique art tradition of wood carving, basketry, bamboo and cane works. The major articles which are made are mats, bags, moorahs and vases. The state of Tripura is legendary for its bamboo screens made of split bamboo which appears so white and delicate that it seems to be made of ivory. This site is worth visiting by those interested in Tripuri culture and its exquisite handicrafts.


This site emphasizes the rich culture of music and dance that Tripura has. Tripuri dance culture is varied because of the presence of various indigenous communities in it like the Chakma community, the halaams, lushais and the garo tribe who all have their own colorful dressing style and exotic dance forms. This site elaborates on various dance forms of Tripura like the Hai hak dance, Hozagiri dance, Lebang Boomani dance, Wangala dance and Way (Lamp dance). This site is a power house of information on Tripuri dance culture.


This site is the official site of the state of Tripura and it exalts its rich cultural heritage of folk dance and other art forms .They also touch upon the demographics of Tripura underlining its tribal heritage. Its gives us some interesting bits of information not only on Tripuri dance forms but costumes of Tripuri tribal women as well. It gives description of their traditional wears like ringai, risa and rikutu.


This site provides a lengthy, elaborate and erudite discourse of various aspects of Tripuri culture, the various social ceremonies in Tripura, their social structure, marriage, death ritual and their long tradition of purification bath, another social ritual. It also describes the kind of dresses that Tripuri women wear like the clothe covering the lower half of the body is called ringai and the parts covering the upper half are called risa and rikuttu. Each tribe has its own distinctive ringai pattern by which they can be differentiated.


In the sphere of religion the people in Tripura believe in animism, some are Hindus while some believe in Buddhism. The festivals in Tripura are also varied according to the different religio-cultural beliefs. But this site traces and elaborates on the major Tripuri festivals and their cultural traditions.


This website gives a compact and informative feature on the culture of Tripura. It harps on the different tribes present in Tripura, the languages spoken by them, the festivals like Durga puja, karchi puja, Pous sankranti, buddha jayanti along with other tribal festivals. Cane and bamboo art and craft, baskets, ivory work and Tripuri tribal jewellery makes Tripura a shoppers paradise and bears testimony to its rich heritage in art and craft.


This site provides with a lucid picture of the nature of Tripuri cuisine. Tripuri cuisine is mainly non vegetarian though there is a small community of Vaishnavs who have vegetarian food. Tripuri cuisine though not much explored can be a gastronomic delight and this site provides you with information of the major food items of Tripura.


This site puts the spot light on another aspect of Tripuri culture that of the Tripuri language and literature. This site puts the finger on the burning problem that Tripuri language and the different tribal language existent there are gradually withering away and becoming obsolete. The writer of this relevant feature deliberates that the heavy influx of bengalis from neighboring state and their emergence as a linguistically powerful group is a major factor for the decline of the indigenous languages of Tripura. Read how she is hopeful that with government attempts of revival of the languages of Tripura they will soon be rejuvenated.


This site has a feature which traces a less trodden side of Tripuri culture that of its association with the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore’s long association with Tripura and its former royalty and its culture has enriched it further as well as Bengali Literature has also gained a lot from Tripura through Tagore's association with it.

These sites provides with a multi-faceted guideline to Tripuri culture with all its versatility and exotic mysticism.

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