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Best Sites for Custom Agents

Best Sites for Custom Agents
  • Classicclearing
  • 2.
  • Catalogs.indiamart
  • 3.
  • Mellowscope
  • 4.
  • Moversintl
  • 5.
  • Interworldcargo
  • 6.
  • Indianindustry
  • 7.
  • Fransaworldwide
  • 8.
  • Sdeindia
  • 9.
  • Ashivgangapackersandmovers
  • 10.
  • nexuslogistics
  • Custom agents have a huge responsibility of taking care of the kind of consignment that is going across. They have to take care that nothing illegal should take place while carrying a shipment to its desired location. Custom agents need to clarify and check and re-check consignments before giving them the clearance to move. Hence they have to be really meticulous in doing their duty. A lot of legal procedures need to be followed by them in order to move a consignment with total responsibility. has found five reliable sites for your need on custom agents. Take a look and find how you can avail of their services.

    Classicclearing (

    Classic Clearing and Forwarding Pvt. Ltd. is committed to deliver round the clock and around the world. They aim at taking care of the complex administrative processes for their clients. These custom agents provide import and export solutions. They claim to have handled several prestigious assignments of their clients. Take a look at their work in the sector of transport, import and export, handling heavy equipments etc. Find out more from their site.

    Catalogs.indiamart (

    Find the custom clearing agents in your city from this site. Here is a list of all the agents who deal with customs and its clearance. Locate the custom agents and avail their services. It is going to be easy since their contact details are available in their respective websites. You could visit their website or just send online trade enquiry to them. Find out more about their services from their site. Visit the link below.

    Mellowscope (

    With their team of dedicated professionals Mellowscope Limited is growing as a name in the air and sea cargo logistics sector. They provide services like freight forwarding, customs clearance, cargo consolidators, and door to door delivery. Take a look at how easily they have described the whole process of custom clearance so that it becomes easy for the client. They take care to do all the necessary things to get their clients’ consignment delivered after it gets the customs clearance. Custom agents like these are quite prompt in action and hence get better client feedback. Visit their site for more information on their activities.

    Moversintl (

    This experienced company specializes in the trade of freight forwarding, customs clearing, transportation and warehousing from all custom stations at New Delhi. They are a team of professional custom clearing agents. Find out about their services from their site. You can ask for their custom clearing services online. For more information, log on to their site.

    Interworldcargo (

    Find out about custom documentation, carting / receiving goods, examination of shipments, handling of stuffing and destuffing of goods at ports and ICD’s and custom warehouse from this site. View the profile of this custom agent and also the other services that it provides. View their network in other cities and find out about their services. Log on to their site for more information.

    Indianindustry (

    Find out listings of companies dealing in custom agents. Look out for their easy search options and locate the custom agent in your location. View their catalogue or just select a company and get in touch with them. Take a look for more information.

    Fransaworldwide.tradeindia (

    They are a logistics company and the largest custom agents located in India and operate worldwide. They have a well organized network of associates which is a major advantage in leading clients’ job efficiently. View the company profile and find out about their services from the site.

    Sdeindia (

    They have been in this trade for almost a century. So it is needless to mention their proactiveness in this field. Their excellent liaison with the customs, Port Trust, shipping companies, airlines, railways etc. have given them an edge over the other custom agents. View the site to find out more.

    Ashivgangapackersandmovers (

    If you are looking for a custom agent, visit this site. They provide exclusive custom clearance services to their clients. Their services include packaging and moving services, transportation, relocation, goods insurance and warehousing services. To get the details of these services you need to visit the site. Click on the link below to see more.

    nexuslogistics (

    They have been the freight forwarder, cargo agents, custom agents etc for a very long time now. They offer logistic consultancy for exporters and importers. Take a look at their home page and you will have an idea about the services that they provide. To view the services in details you need to visit the further links in the site. Take a look.

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