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Best Sites for Customs
  • Shaadionline
  • 2.
  • Indiaparenting
  • 3.
  • Mapsofindia
  • 4.
  • Indianmirror
  • 5.
  • Minartravels
  • 6.
  • Healthepic
  • 7.
  • Food.sify
  • India is well known for its rich and varied culture. The vast multitude of people that India is home to contributes to the tradition and customs of the country. All the colourful and vibrant festivals have different customs. So do all the religious practices. Marriage is a huge institution. It also involves a lot of interesting customs and rituals. brings forward the sites that reflect the customs of India. Visit the sites mentioned below for a better view.

    Shaadionline (Shaadionline)

    If India entices you then let us tell you more about it, its rituals and customs. tells you all about the marriage rituals and customs of cultural India. Whether you want to take a look at the customs of a Hindu marriage or a Sindhi one, you just have to click you mouse. Visit the site and find out more.

    Indiaparenting (

    The myriad culture of India allows it several different festivals. These festivals have different customs. brings forth the various festivals India is home to and hence also brings you face to face with the rituals and customs. View the site and enhance your knowledge.

    Mapsofindia (

    Indian traditional lifestyle needs special mention because of its vastness and variety. If you want a glimpse in to the lives of the traditional Indians, then this is the site for you. Get a view of their traditional lifestyle. Know how they greet and why they use flower garlands or even get to know about the Indian marriages. This site will give you all of this and more. Take a look.

    Indianmirror (

    This reflection of India is sure to interest you. It reveals the varied customs that are a little out of the way. It reflects the strange religious customs of India. Go through them for a better understanding of the country. There are quaint burials, beast cuttings, mystic circles and so much more for you. Click on the link below and find out.

    Minartravels (

    This is your guide to the customs of India. Now you have access to the different customs of the different religions of India. Take a look now and go through them for your benefit. This is your chance to educate yourself on the various customs that have formed the culture of India. Take a look.

    Healthepic (

    Religious India has a lot of customs which many of you are not aware of. Go through this page and find out about the various ‘samskaras’ that they have enlisted. They have also explained each type of ‘samskara’ for your benefit. Now you will also have an idea about the customs that are described in the scriptures. For more information on customs visit the site.

    Food.sify (

    Get mouth watering Indian dishes on your platter. India can never be known without the variety it provides in terms of cuisines. Have the myriad vulture it does, the food of different regions find special position among things to be mentioned about the country. Try out different traditional lifestyle food from the country. Cook up recipes and amaze guests with the different tastes you can provide them with.

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