Best Sites For Dance

Best Sites For Dance
Of all the different aesthetic forms human beings have been harnessing since times immemorial to demonstrate his inner self, dancing or dance has been the most expressive. As civilizations started flourishing in different parts of the world, myriad forms of dance developed and evolved in almost every human community.

Perhaps no other type of visual art has more variety than the fine art of dancing. India has always been known as a nation where people hailing from multiple cultures, religions and ethnicities co-existed in peaceful harmony. The practice of different customs and rituals in the country has also spearheaded the evolution of a multitude of dancing forms. Each and every kind of dance has a rich traditional history behind it and also has a narrative to depict. The following websites detail the varied dance forms in India and abroad.  ( )

Of the six principal Indian classical dance styles, Manipuri is one of them. Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi are some other popular classical dance forms. The nuances and subtleties associated with Manipuri dance border on spirituality and the dancer has a transcendental experience. Like all other Indian classical dances, Manipuri dance is a way of invoking the Almighty. The site offers thorough information on the Manipuri dance style.  ( )

Via this website, you’ll come to pick up nuggets on the most ancient of dance forms of India as well as the contemporary ones. From ‘Kathakali’ to ‘Gidda’ and from ‘Mohini Attam’ to Kathak, you’ll be able to enlighten yourself with info about almost every dancing style.  ( )

The Hindu portal is in fact an online repository of diversified dancing formats. If you want to catch up on reviews on performances of Indian dancers, you should be visiting this site. Info and data about the dancing forms and noteworthy performances have been archived from 2001.  ( )

The heterogonous and incongruous character of the numerous cultures that are aptly expressed via the dance forms have been encapsulated in this site. Keep yourself in the know about the South Indian classical dance styles of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and ‘Mohini Attam’ and other conventional dances. The site also carries complete info about folk dances, dance festivals, training establishments and much more.  ( )

Through this site, you’ll be able to apprise yourself with the diverse cultural events linked with not only Indian dances but also with dance forms beyond the national borders. Glance through the enlightening cultural episodes the site has organized and hosted.  ( )

This portal elaborates and elucidates on the extensive variety of masks worn in the traditional dances. You’ll also find valuable information on the make-up styles and costumes associated with the age-old dances. (

You’ve seen Bollywood actors dancing to the beats of ‘Bhangra’ and ‘Balle, Balle’ in numerous movies and films. You’ve also attended programs of Punjabi singers belting out numbers in sync with Bhangra tunes. But you may not be aware of the origins of these ethnic Punjabi dance forms. Log in at this site if you’re interested to know about these dance forms originated.  ( )

You don’t have to dance like a connoisseur or a professional to enjoy dancing. However, you can attempt to dance like one by picking up the ropes by viewing the video clips at Get familiar with the basic steps via the short clip on ‘Basic Elements’. After you master the fundamentals, you can graduate to ‘Ballroom Dance’.  ( )

Via this website, you’ll not only come to know about how the dance style ‘Tango’ originated but also learn how to dance like a professional. View engrossing clips of Mariana Montes and Sebastian Arce tangoing on YouTube.  ( )

This portal tells you that Salsa is a purebred Cuban dance form though the terminology ‘Salsa’ was associated with a style that got popular in the New York of seventies. Click on ‘Learning Centres’ and ‘Learn the Dances’ to enjoy and imbibe the fundamental Salsa moves.

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