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Best Sites for Alarippu

Best Sites for Alarippu
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  • Alarippu is the simplest and the shortest item in a Bharat Natyam recital. Alarippu is an invocatory-piece performed in order to show obedience to the God, Guru and the spectators. The term “Alarippu” is a Dravidian word, meaning “to blossom”. Literally Alarippu stands for “flowering” i.e. opening of the limbs and the body parts slowly to accustom the body to perform the difficult poses subsequently. Enjoy Alarippu by logging on to the 10 following websites

    nadanam (

    Take a look at the Alarippu, the invocatory-piece of a Bharat Natyam recital. Alarippu is the simplest piece in a Bharat Natyam recital and is of 3-5 minutes duration. Alarippu frees the dancer from all the distractions and helps her to gain focus. Alarippu is a rhythmical dance where the dancer leaves her subjective consciousness and gets fully merged with the universal consciousness. You will get detailed information on Alarippu by clicking on this site. (

    Check-out the Alarippu - the first pose in a Bharat Natyam dance. In Tamil “Alarippu” stands for the “flower-bud”. It is an opening piece performed in order to awake the dancer. Learn about this graceful dance technique by logging on to this site.

    webindia123 (

    Alarippu is the opening piece in a Bharat Natyam performance. Bharat Natyam is a traditional Indian dance form. You can get a clear picture of the “Alarippu” on this website. Acquaint yourself with the other numbers of the Bharat Natyam like the Jethiswaram, Sabdam, Varnam, Padams and Thillana. Introduce yourself to the highly-renowned Bharat Natyam dancers by clicking on to this site.

    carnatica (

    This site presents the speech delivered by T Balasaraswati, the extremely popular and highly-renowned Bharat Natyam dancer at the Tamil Isai Sangam conference. Visit this site to get a clear knowledge about the different orders of Bharat Natyam dance, beginning with the Alarippu. Experience the range of emotions that the dancer feels while performing the Bharat Natyam. Soak yourself in the rhythm and melody of Bharat Natyam by logging on to this site.

    answers (

    A Bharat Natyam recital begins with the Alarippu, which is followed by the Pushpanjali or the Ganesha Kauvatvam. You can acquire a precise and clear knowledge about the Bharat Natyam from this site. Learn about the significance of Alarippu. Master the techniques of the popular dance form Bharat Natyam by clicking on this site.

    nilashop (

    You can check-out the ‘Nrithya Choodamani’, Priyadarsini Govind’s 3 VCD Combo Pack by clicking on this site. This video package by the highly renowned danseuse will offer you a comprehensive view of the Bharat Natyam. It unveils some new and fascinating aspects of the Alarippu and Pushpanjali in a learner-friendly format. Enjoy the pulsating performance of the famous danseuse, Priyadarsini Govind and listen to the lectures of the popular Bharat Natyam dancers by logging on to this website.

    smithsonianglobalsound (

    Take a listen to the Alarippu, the invocational presentation in a Bharat Natyam performance. You can also avail the unique opportunity of buying the Bharat Natyam CDs online by logging on to this site.

    narthaki (

    This is a comprehensive website on Bharat Natyam where you can get detailed and precise information on this highly popular traditional Indian dance form. Get a complete overview of the Bharat Natyam; learn about the characteristics, significance and purpose of the Bharat Natyam. The two aspects of Bharat Natyam are “nritta” and “abhinaya” -you can get information on the aspects of Bharat Natyam from this site. Check-out the costumes and ornaments used by the Bharat Natyam dancers. All these and much more are there on this website.

    lasya (

    The Bharat Natyam can be presented both as an individual performance and as a group-performance. This site offers you the repertoire of an individual Bharat Natyam performance. Learn about the opening-piece of the Bharat Natyam, the Alarippu. Check-out the other orders of Bharat Natyam by visiting this site. (

    Take a listen to the Natya Dwani, the audio CD containing 9 enchanting Bharat Natyam tracks by visiting this site. The items in this CD include the Alarippu, Pushpanjali and the Thodayamangalam. This CD is an ideal choreographic aid and a perfect learning guide for the aspiring Bharat Natyam dancers - Check-it out.

    For more information on relevant topics, visit our homepage,

    Last Updated On : 03/Jan/2013

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