Delhi Top 10

Delhi a city as chatpatti as its golgappas,you can never get bored of this magical place,there is so much to expereince here from care free bus drivers to stubborn auto waalas,from Karim's kababs to BTW's allu tikki everything here is spicy!!

The myriad faces of this city are equally fascinating,from Lodhi Gardens it looks like a garden city, go to Chandni Chownk and your perception will completely change .Turbaned Sikhs, colourfully dressed Rajasthani and Bengali women working in offices, Muslim and Punjabi shopkeepers in old Delhi, Tibetans and Ladakhis in the street stalls along Janpath and Sirojini Nagar and the Kashmiris in the handicraft emporiums around Connaught Place ,all add to the cosmopolitan feel of the city. From Soaring skyscrapers in Cannaught place, to posh residential colonies of South Delhi and to historical monuments, Delhi has it all. From Rajputs to Mughals to Britishers every body has once fixed their royal citadels here, and we have, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhavan to narrate the story of each one of them.Visit this magical place once and you would want to keep coming back to it over and over again ,it is not called “Delhi Dil waalon ki” for nothing.

Our site is a small effort to make you all familiar with India and this page is specially dedicated to the National Capital,here you will get the information of top Destinations in Delhi.

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