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Best Downloading sites in India

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Best Downloading sites in India
  • Metacafe
  • 2.
  • Zapak
  • 3.
  • Masti4india
  • 4.
  • eztakes
  • 5.
  • Jumpgames
  • 6.
  • Bharatmovies
  • 7.
  • Amazon
  • 8.
  • Musicindiaonline
  • 9.
  • Blubster
  • 10.
  • Mp3hungama
  • 11.
  • Mustsongs
  • Through the downloading sites one can download a wide range of things like movies , Hindi songs , games , books and many other things .Visit the downloading sites and browse the download section to view the options in the category. You need to know about the downloading sites in India so that the you can easily browse the sites and download the desired items.

    Check out the list of the best downloading sites in India :

    List of Top Downloading Sites of India:

    Metacafe (www.metacafe.com)

    This is one of the top downloading sites in India. You can download a wide array of items like music videos and many other types of videos. Just register in the site for the downloading the videos. It is a very popular downloading site to the Indians.

    Zapak (www.zapak.com)

    It is one of the best games downloading sites in India. It offers a wide category of games like Action Games , Racing Games , Sports , Cricket , Arcade Games, Multiplayer and many other options. This site is the best option for downloading games free.
    Masti4india (www.masti4india.com)

    This is one of the major downloading sites in India . You can download Hindi songs from this site . Browse the most popular Bollywood songs and download them .

    www.eztakes.com (Eztakes)

    It is one of the leading downloading sites in India. Just browse the movies and download. Get Free DVD Downloads , Free Streaming Movies , Featured movies in this site and simply download whatever you like.

    Top 10 Movie Download Sites
    S.NoSite Name
    1.Divx Crawler (divxcrawler.com)
    2.Moviespack (www.moviespack.com)
    3.watchmoviesindia (www.watchmoviesindia.com)
    4.BindaasBharat (www.bindaasbharat.com)
    5.www.muft.tv (Muft.tv)
    6.Bollywoodmovies4u (www.bollywoodmovies4u.com)
    7.Buzzintown (movies.buzzintown.com)
    8.Bollyv4u (www.bollyv4u.com)
    9.Downloadallmovies (www.downloadallmovies.com/?hop=mgmreviews)
    10.Cinemaondemand.tv (cinemaondemand.tv)
    Jumpgames (www.jumpgames.com)

    This site offers mobile games , online games for the users. Just browse the wide options of games and check out the best one. It provides innovative games like Reel Raff , Tiger of Mysore etc. The mobile games like Kolkata Knight Riders are very interesting . Just download them.

    Bharatmovies (www.bharatmovies.com)

    It is one of the most popular movie downloading site in India. Watch movies online or download the Bollywood movies , Bengali Movies , Kannada Movies , Marathi Movies through this site. It is a storehouse of Indian movies. Simply download the movie of your choice through this site.

    Amazon (www.amazon.com)

    This site offers ample downloading options. You can opt for digital downloads like Game Downloads , MP3 Downloads and many others. Just Sign In and download the desired song or game. It is the one stop destination for all those who wish to download the latest music.

    Musicindiaonline (www.musicindiaonline.com)

    This site is known for providing music to the users online.Different variety of music is availble on the site.

    Blubster (www.blubster.com)

    It is best site for downloading videos , games , music , software and many other things . Just drench yourself in the world of the latest movies , videos and games through this site. Download all your favorite items through this site.

    Mp3hungama (Mp3hungama.com)

    On this site you can download free hindi songs , punjabi songs and also pakistani songs and many other options.

    Mustsongs (mobilezhome.com)

    This site gives the option to download songs line Pakistani Pop & Remix Songs, Indian Movies Songs,Indian Old Classic Songs,Indian Pop and Remix Songs and that too for free.Check this site out for more.

    Last Updated On:09/11/2011

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