Best SMS Sites in India

Best SMS Sites in India
160by2 Full On SMS
Yahoo MessengerSMS 440
You Mint Way2SMS
AtroChatroSMS Fame
IndyaRocksFree SMS Craze
Smswala Mycantos
Spicesms Mysmsindia

Mobile messaging is a popular method of communication in the world today. Its simplicity and speed has made it a sought after method for catching up with friends, greeting elders and wishing loved ones on a special occasion. Internet can play a big role in sending SMSs to many people or for continuing conversations.

There sites are dedicated to SMSes. They develop SMSes and you as a customer can download the SMSes and send to your near and dear ones. In the recent past, there have been hypes of sending free SMS all over India as lot of messages are forwarded from couple of sites regularly. The SMS sites in India are coming up with new and latest facilities every day. Given below are best SMS sites in India.

Top 10 SMS sites in India:

160by2 (
160by2 is a well known SMS sending website that is famous for its reliability and speed. It allows free SMS sending all across India. The length of an SMS allowed here is of 140 characters. Users will need to register to the website to send messages to friends’ mobile phones.

Full On SMS (
Full On SMS is a popular SMS sending site in India. It allows registered users send SMS to as many people and as many times as they wish. This is done by creating groups. The service is free of charge. Full On SMS does not have ads in the SMS that users send.

Yahoo Messenger (
Yahoo is one of the world’s most popular online chat platform and among the few ones that have an SMS sending feature as well. It allows Yahoo members to send SMSs for free in many countries including India. The mobile networks, it supports, include Airtel, BSNL, Spice, Vodaphone and Idea.

SMS 440 (
SMS 440, also known as SMS7, is a famous SMS sending site in the globe. What is unique about this website is that it offers SMS sending of a maximum of 440 characters, and in any language, that too for free. It has paid services as well.

You Mint (
You Mint is a popular site for sending SMSs for free. You can find here a collection of SMS templates for special occasions. In addition, the website has mobile wallpapers, discount coupons for major e-commerce sites, a referral earning program, and mobile recharging facility.

Way2SMS (
Among the best SMS sending websites, Way2SMS offers free mobile messaging facility online. Along with this, it sends alerts from your mail account, and lets you chat using GTalk and Yahoo chat IDs. The website has more than 20 million registered members.

AtroChatro (
This free SMS sending site is also an entertainment website. AtroChatro not only allows SMS sending in India, it also has an exhaustive collection of SMSs for several moods and occasions like romantic, Christmas and humorous. Additionally, it has e-cards, jokes, horoscope, news articles and music.

SMS Fame (
SMS Fame offers a simple way of sending unlimited SMSs to any mobile in India. It has an SMS input limit of 160 characters. The website requires registration using an email address and mobile number for users to use its free unlimited SMS sending service.

IndyaRocks (
IndyaRocks is a popular social website where users can not only send SMSs, they can play games, and upload photographs and share them with friends and family. The website also has an online chat facility where users can meet and make new friends.

Free SMS Craze (
Free SMS Craze allows worldwide SMS sending. It has an SMS input limit of 130 characters. The website also has the facility of receiving SMSs along with sending them. This encourages SMS conversations. Users can schedule the date and time for sending a message as well.

Some other SMS Sites are listed below:

Smswala ( The site allows you to do free sms as well as bulk sms.Its easy to create free account and start messaging today.

Mycantos ( This site helps you to send free SMS to anywhere in India. Mycantos offers a lot of SMS features and a complete control on your profile. You can send your SMS at any set time. This site has excellent SMS network coverage. You can send private SMS and unlimited SMS.

Spicesms ( Send free sms all over India and also all GSM & CDMA Networks are supported.Also there is the facility of Mobile to Web & Mobile to Email Facility.Check out this site for more services.

Mysmsindia ( This site has an all India coverage to send free SMS text messages anywhere in India. The SMS communication can also be done easily in bulk or single free sms with club, society and work group members.