Best Video Sites in India

Best Video Sites in India
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If you are addicted to latest videos, movies, songs and albums then it is for sure that the video sites serve as your best companion. The top video sites in India actually give you the privilege to download all the latest songs or albums. You can see your favorite music video, album or songs of a movie any time you wish once you have finished downloading. Not only music videos, if you like to update yourself with the latest happenings in the country then you can have the access of the latest news or any news related clippings through the video sites.

List Of Best Video Sites in India:

Youtube (

It is one of the best video sites in India. You just name any video of any movie, it is certain that you will get them here . This video site can be described as the perfect site of watching videos from diverse categories.

IMDb  (

IMDb was launched in 1990. IMDb is the world’s most popular source for movies, tv and celebrity content. It is an online movie database which provide information related to movies, tv programmes, video games etc.

Dailymotion (

Dailymotion is one of the best video sharing website. The users in dailymotion can upload, watch and share videos. The latest music videos, short films,tv shows can be browsed for free online.

Metacafe (

Metacafe is one of the largest video sharing site. It showcase the best short-form videos from the world of entertainment. In it’s early years, metacafe was just like youtube and dailymotion but later transformed itself into a short-form video entertainment.

Fropper (

This is one of the most famous video sites in India. You can check out some of the great videos of Bollywood, Entertainment, music, sports and of many more categories. Apart from videos you also get the scope of making new friends through this site.

Bigflix (

This is one of the major video sites in India. This site gives you the privilege of downloading videos anytime and simply anywhere. Indian songs, movies or albums you just name it and you get all of them here.

Bigadda (

It is one of the top video sites in India. In this video site you can a variety of video downloading categories right from bollywood, sports, cartoons, music videos, news and politics, regional, television and many more. If you wish you can browse through the various options such as most recent, most popular, most viewed etc.

Indian Video World (

At this leading video sites in India, you can download any movie videos. Be it video of any Bollywood movie or any regional movie, this video site offers it all. You can browse through the sites like Bollywood, Telugu, Super Show, Hot actress etc.

BollywoodTube (

One of the most popular video sites in India is It has a large collection of Hindi songs and videos. It is also described as the first video sharing site in India. You can also download ring tones and there is the option of movie index where all the names of the Bollywood movies are systematically listed.

Yolike (

You can download your favorite videos from this video site. This site also features other categories like 'watch online movies', games etc. It has a separate section as the Yo video download portal.

Some Other Popular Video Sites

Motionflicks (

This video site is one of the popular video sites in India. You can browse the videos through its different featured categories. It has categories like most recent, most viewed, top favorites, most discussed, top rated and recently featured.

indiawiz (

At this video site you will get both popular as well as off-beat videos. It carries all types of public interest videos like news related etc. You can thoroughly watch the videos of diverse categories.

Videodust (

It is one of the most popular video sites in India. You get the recent updates in terms of song videos, interview videos, trailers, politics, devotional and much more video categories. All the categories are clearly and systematically categorized.

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014

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