Best Sites for E-commerce

Best Sites for E-commerce
E-commerce or Electronic commerce has become a very popular form of transaction in today's world. Now buyers want to purchase goods and services online rather than visiting the shops and making selections. The biggest advantage enjoyed by E-commerce is its 24*7 connectivity which is not present in normal transactional selling. enlists top five Indian websites dealing with E-commerce

cyberwebglobal (

Want to know the basics of e-commerce? Then this website is a must visit for you. This website takes pain in describing the meaning, basic fundamentals, process and other minute details about e-commerce. It also discusses several associated concepts of e-commerce, like e-business, value chains and real time credit. The biggest offerings of this site are its instructions regarding the development of an ideal e-commerce website. It is also into the business of developing e-commerce portals for other business houses.

khoj ( is a very popular Indian web directory. The e-commerce section of this site provides several important information regarding the e-commerce rules as laid by the Ministry of Commerce of India. This website also provides a list of other e-commerce portals like,, and many more. So if you are interested in e-commerce, but not getting the concerned website of your liking, is sure to serve your purpose.

Sifycorp (

Sify is one of the most renowned end to end e-solutions providing company in India. They offer specialized services in designing and developing an array of customized e- commerce and network connectivity system. They endeavor incessantly to provide you with a network connectivity solution that connects your critical business systems and offers a smooth data network directly with customers, vendors and staff.

ebay (

Formerly known as, today is one of the largest e-commerce websites of India. This website has a huge list of products and services on offer to all its prospective customers. Its product line can be divided into several categories like apparels, accessories, electronic gizmos, cars and bikes, fitness and sports, home appliances and many more. Another advantage of using this site is that apart from normal electronic purchase, it is also encourages you to sell your products online

shopping.rediff (

It is the e-commerce portal of which is known for its unique offerings and cheapest of prices. The products which are on offer here are of several categories like apparels, books , cars & bikes, electronic products, gift products, home appliances and many more. This e-commerce portal also has a separate section called “best discounts” where only those items are displayed upon which more than normal discount have been allotted. Here you can also find a list of the popular brands, whose products are on offer in this e-commerce portal.

Intermesh (

Intermesh India is one of the forerunners of e-business in India. It has been involved in the promotion of e-commerce or business in the internet. They offer a host of services like the y offer end to end payment solution to their customers with the help of their online payment gateway Their business enhancement services are aimed at making profitable return for their customer by augmenting their sales.

futurebazaar ( is indeed one of the largest Indian e-commerce websites partnered by Big Bazaar, a leading departmental stores of India. Here you can find a wide variety of shopping items like apparel, books, cameras, consumer durables, kitchen appliances, laptops, mobile phones and many more. On some selected products, this e-commerce portal provides up to 50% discount. If you want to experience state of the art shopping experience coupled with the best bargains you are bound to visit this e-commerce website.

Gigasoft (

This is a company which extends e business development or e-commerce development services. This is a company which does a array of jobs like they construct Dynamic websites and they make online product catalogs to augment the e-business of their clients. They also experience in hosting e-commerce website and along with that they also offer services for content management. For all you e-commerce related needs do visit this one stop site.

Synapse (

Synapse is a renowned which compiles communications, data management and security to offer clients e-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide. Synapse also provides its customer's competitive, effective B2B & B2C e-solutions involving reduced transaction fees, real-time tracking of transactions; e-tailing of products; secure electronic transactions and the remote management of logistics, including the tracking of users, processes and information.

Stylusinc (

This is a gem of a site for those who want to glean information on e-commerce. It elaborates on comes under the purview of e-commerce. Then it goes on to delineate the quintessential features of a e-store and what are the methods a e-business operates. It also sums up the kinds of business houses who might benefit from the growing fad of e-commerce and make a profit in this scenario. This is site from where you can also get information on the kind of infrastructure you need to start your own e-business.

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