Best Goverment Education Sites

Best Goverment Education Sites
Admission News Kids Web India
India Education eSiksha
Youngbuzz India Education Stat
I Know ThatScholastic
BritannicaEnchanted Learning
In this age of far reaching technology, internet has become a common platform to impart knowledge regarding education, among other things. Websites in the education genre are of two kinds – first, which provides information about courses and careers, and second, which imparts educational knowledge helping students learn and understand better. Here are the top 10 educations sites in India:

Top 10 Education Sites in India

Admission News (

One of the largest education sites in India, Admission News is a great place to stay informed about entrance exams, admission notices, application dates, career avenues and scholarships. The website boasts of a career counselor and an impressive database of course and career information.

Kids Web India (

Kids Web India is a leading education site in India for school students from Lower Nursery to the 12th Standard. This site focuses on the all round development of the kids and so has a general knowledge section as well as information about puberty. Parents and teachers also have sections dedicated to them.

India Education (

India Education is a well known education site in the country. It has education news, details about career choices, entrance tests and distance education, guides for students about online education, colleges etc., discussion forums and many other useful resources.

eSiksha (

eSiksa is a famous education information providing website. It has comprehensive guides regarding career opportunities and academics in and outside India. In addition, users can find here mock test papers, get career guidance and read their astrological analysis.

Indiaedu (

Since its inception in 1998, Indiaedu is providing information about career paths and education in and outside the country. The website has extensive information regarding entrance exams, areas of study, distance education, schools, colleges, and career courses in India and countries like US, UK and Canada.

Dimdima (

Started by the educational organization Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Dimdima caters to school students. It is an online magazine and has several knowledge based articles pertaining to science, ecology, poetry etc. The website helps students learn and enjoy at the same time.

Youngbuzz (

If you need counseling about which career path to choose, Youngbuzz is one of the premier sites for academic guidance. It has information about the best colleges and universities in India and abroad, and entrance tests. It also has an “Online Career Counseling Test” that helps one realize their career preference.

India Education Stat (

Started in 2000, India Education Stat is a unique website providing statistical information about everything related to education in the country. This includes the literacy rate, educational infrastructure, distance education, and research & development in the education sector.

Room 108 (

Room 108 is for primary school students and their teachers. It has resources that help teachers prepare assignments, as well as games to help students learn subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies and English Language. The site is replete with puzzles, fun activities, stories and worksheets. (

True to its name has the latest news updates from the education sector in India and abroad. In addition, the website provides users knowledge about various career options, courses, important institutions and their entrance exams.

Some more Educational Websites:

I Know That (

If you're looking forward to enhance your child's general knowledge then this site would come handy for you as the site deals with interesting facts on vivid general topics. Also there are pages exclusively devoted to games. There are essays on different subject matters so as to enhance the social indepth ability of the child. Furthermore, there are information on higher education related to the accrediation of universities, degrees offered by these universities and their syllabus.

Scholastic (

Its been a decade that this particular site has been offering in depth information on education.What makes this site more interesting to the parents is the fact they provide unique educational tools whereby children can play variety of games, learn about the best books, while at the same time they can gain easy access to special videos which can be easily downloaded.

Britannica (

Britannica is the guide which allows children to have knowledge in the areas like History & Society,Arts & Entertainment, Travel & Geography, Science & Technology and much more.Check out the site for more knowledge.

Enchanted Learning (

If you're looking for some interactive based learning tools then Enchanted Learning is your answer. The site also covers information pertaining to entrace examinations like SAT, TOEFL. Some of the major features of this site include--Picture Dictionary,Coloring Pages,Games,Printouts to Supplement Lesson Plans and Interactive Learning Activities. It is also one of the best Education Sites of U.K.

Brainpop (

The site provides knowledge on many topics like Science,Social Studies,English,Maths, Engineering,Health and Arts and Music along with videos in order to increase the understanding.Browse the site for more information. (

Are you on lookout for a wide range of educational tools for different age -groups, then you can take recourse to! This site provides learning tools from pre-school age to high school. You also have easy access to learn foreign language through this site.

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