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Best Education Sites
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In this age of far reaching technology, internet has become a common platform to impart knowledge regarding education, among other things. Websites in the education genre are of two kinds – first, which provides information about courses and careers, and second, which imparts educational knowledge helping students learn and understand better. Here are the top 10 educations sites in India:

Top Education Sites in India ( is one of the top education sites in India. it is a part of the group. It is a place where education seekers meet the education provider. This site provides information about over a 70,000 colleges, courses, scholarships and admission notifications.

India Education (

India Education is a well known education site in the country. It has education news, details about career choices, entrance tests and distance education, guides for students about online education, colleges etc., discussion forums and many other useful resources.

Youngbuzz (

If you need counseling about which career path to choose, Youngbuzz is one of the premier sites for academic guidance. It has information about the best colleges and universities in India and abroad, and entrance tests. It also has an “Online Career Counseling Test” that helps one realize their career preference. (

Education world is one of the Best Education Portals in India providing Education news, Institute details with Ranking & Reviews, Educational Products, Services etc. The site is a best place for the Students, teachers, parents etc.

Education times (

Education Times is an education portal launched in 2006. The portal is not a mere extension of the print and has a lot more to offer to the online readers who are looking for information 24X7. The various sections of the portal are Career Profiles, Test Drives, Prep Talks, Distance Learning, College Life, Book-ed, Walk a Job, Virtual Classrooms, Study Abroad etc.

Indiaedu (

Since its inception in 1998, Indiaedu is providing information about career paths and education in and outside the country. The website has extensive information regarding entrance exams, areas of study, distance education, schools, colleges, and career courses in India and countries like US, UK and Canada. (

True to its name has the latest news updates from the education sector in India and abroad. In addition, the website provides users knowledge about various career options, courses, important institutions and their entrance exams.

Admission News (

One of the largest education sites in India, Admission News is a great place to stay informed about entrance exams, admission notices, application dates, career avenues and scholarships. The website boasts of a career counselor and an impressive database of course and career information.

Dimdima (

Started by the educational organization Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Dimdima caters to school students. It is an online magazine and has several knowledge based articles pertaining to science, ecology, poetry etc. The website helps students learn and enjoy at the same time.

Britannica (

Britannica is the guide which allows children to have knowledge in the areas like History & Society,Arts & Entertainment, Travel & Geography, Science & Technology and much more.Check out the site for more knowledge.

Scholastic (

Its been a decade that this particular site has been offering in depth information on education.What makes this site more interesting to the parents is the fact they provide unique educational tools whereby children can play variety of games, learn about the best books, while at the same time they can gain easy access to special videos which can be easily downloaded.

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