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Best Sites for Encyclopedia
  • emplenet
  • 2.
  • castoroil
  • 3.
  • 4to40
  • 4.
  • medindia
  • 5.
  • sirindia
  • 6.
  • thesikhencyclopedia
  • 7.
  • tri-murti
  • 8.
  • shopping.sify
  • 9.
  • kamat
  • 10.
  • magicspells
  • Encyclopedias come in handy as they provide host of information on a lot of subjects. If you have an encyclopedia at home it solves a lot of your academic problems or can bring the world at your feet. These days online encyclopedias are also coming in handy for their easy accessibility. Buying an encyclopedia takes a toll on your pocket. But online reference of encyclopedia will be more cost-effective. There are encyclopedias for different topics. You have a science encyclopedia or an arts encyclopedia and even an encyclopedia exclusively on animals. Below is a list of sites where you can find the encyclopedia of your interest.

    emplenet (www.templenet.com)

    No the temple heritage is not lost! Templenet.com has responsibly kept the heritage alive for temple lovers. India's vast collections of temples have been listed by this site only for its viewers. Find the temples in Tamil Nadu or the Gangetic Plains or even the Himalayas. Discover temples you didn't know exist with this encyclopedia. This encyclopedia will take you on a beautiful journey through the entire country. Visit the link above and retrieve additional information.

    castoroil (www.castoroil.in)

    This site aims at furnishing information on Biodiesel. This is your perfect guide to Biodiesels. This online encyclopedia will give you comprehensive and detailed information on Biodiesels. This encyclopedia is for those interested in Biodiesels, for industry professionals looking for different aspects of Biodiesels, those interested in the production of the same and more. Look into this online encyclopedia, ask them your questions or even visit more links.

    4to40 (www.4to40.com)

    Know all about birds, flowers, plants/trees, mammals, reptiles, insects and pre historic animals from this online encyclopedia. Read about whichever animal you want to from their list and find out interesting facts about them. This online encyclopedia consists of extensive data which will help you learn better. Not only animals, you can also read about the earth and its surroundings. To have a better understanding, visit the link.

    medindia (www.medindia.net)

    This is your online encyclopedia on health. You will get the A Z of all health related topics. Find out about health calculators, Blood tests, Drug toxicity, Complementary Medicine, Diet and Nutrition and more. There are separate links on pages where you can post your comments or even visit links where you can read through the comments made by other visitors to the site. It is interesting, find out more about it.

    sirindia (www.sirindia.com)

    Looking for an encyclopedia for your kids, are you? You may stop your search here. Visit the link above and find the encyclopedia that will enhance your kid's knowledge. You can purchase the encyclopedia online through this site. The price and other shipping details are mentioned here. Find out what other recommendations they have. Go to their website and view their list of encyclopedias and find out more.

    thesikhencyclopedia (thesikhencyclopedia.com)

    Encyclopedias enclose in them authentic information in a given area of knowledge. Encyclopedias have become and indelible part of ones life in an age which the volume and rapidity of social change are making inaccessible much that outside one's immediate domain of work. This site brings to you and encyclopedia on Sikhism which includes a total of about 3000 entries on different subject titles relating to Sikh life and letters, history and philosophy, customs and rituals, social and religious movements, art and architecture, locales and shrines. This will definitely enlighten you on this ancient religion and divulge the philosophy and symbolism involved in it.

    tri-murti (www.tri-murti.com)

    This is an encyclopedia which will enhance your culinary skills. This cooking encyclopedia touches upon thousands of ingredients and kitchen terms and tools. It also includes various entries which includes a detailed description of various cooking ingredients and an evaluation of their benefits and drawbacks. A must see encyclopedia for all food epicures. So go ahead and augment your knowledge about cooking and food from this cooking encyclopedia.

    shopping.sify (shopping.sify.com)

    Looking for some good encyclopedia to enrich your library? This is just the prefect site for you which is selling encyclopedia Britannica and two other types of standard encyclopedia in reasonable prices. You can visit this site and view detailed information on these encyclopedias and the best part is that you can order them online and have them delivered at your doorsteps. Happy buying!

    kamat (www.kamat.com)

    This is an enriching encyclopedia on India which delves on all the pertinent issues relation to India. It encapsulates a comprehensive list of articles, pictures, and primary sources of references which have been created by popular demand and to address lack of such an electronic resource. So if you want to look up information about India and Indian people just log onto this site and regale yourself with hordes of information form this encyclopedia on India.

    magicspells (www.magicspells.in)

    If you are into herbal remedies which are supposed to have some magical and mythical powers this is the perfect site for you. This site brings to you a list of medicinal herbs which are believed to have strong power of curing ailments. These herbs enlisted here have been stated according to the rules of wiccan philosophy of magic and their particular uses have been enunciated with authentic references to the wiccan belief. So read one and bring some magic dust into your life.

    Enlarge the domain of your knowledge with this page which bring you ten sites on encyclopedias of India.

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