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Best Sites for Energy and Environment

Best Sites for Energy and Environment
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  • In simple language, "Energy" means the capacity for doing work and "Environment" refers to the surrounding or the sum total of all the surrounding conditions. Knowing the environment and getting to love it is very important for our survival. Likewise the conservation of energy has also become absolutely crucial. With the advent of globalization on Indian society, both these issues have gained tremendous importance. Now more and more people are keen to know about these topics. Keeping this in mind, Bestindiansites.com comes up with a noble effort of enlisting top 10 Indian websites on Energy & Environment - check them out.

    rel (www.rel.co.in)

    Reliance energy is India's largest private sector power utility company. Till date, it is known to have a distribution capacity of 5000 MW of power, the largest of its kind in India. It is also known for providing consultancy services to external projects. It is Capable of solving all the problems of power generation like mechanical problems, civil problems etc. It is a major player of the Indian power sector, and highly dominates the power distribution in some parts of India like Mumbai , Delhi, Hyderabad to name a few.

    cesc (cesc.co.in)

    CESC Limited is the leading provider of electricity in Kolkata and its suburbs. A part of the famous RPG Group, CESC limited is not only involved in electricity but is accounted for bringing thermal power to India more than 100 years ago. Only in Kolkata, it serves a population base of 11 million, which is further spread over 567 sq. kilometer. In the business year it was responsible for producing 7000units of electricity and so far has handled peak load of more than MW.

    psebindia (www.psebindia.org)

    This link will take you to the home page of “Punjab State Electricity Board”. It is primarily known for selling Energy to various sectors like industrial, agricultural to name a very few. This website will provide you a lot of information regarding its organizational structure, its existing as well as ongoing thermal & hydroelectric projects, its power production and distribution statistic. The biggest offering of this website is its content on Fly ash optimization which it has taken up as a source of producing energy in days to come.

    envfor.nic (envfor.nic.in)

    If you are a lover of flora & fauna, then this site will definitely be liked by you. It is the homepage of Indian Governments Ministry of Environment &Forests. This organization primarily aims at planning, promotion, co ordination and implementation o environmental and forestry programs in different parts of India. It even covers the delicate issues of wildlife preservation and pollution control. It works by collecting relevant data on environmental issues through surveys, impact assessment programs and conducting pollution awareness programs. This website also contains a separate section where all its publications on Environmental awareness are provided along with a Data Bank covering all the relevant issues on Environment and associated factors.

    forest.and (forest.and.nic.in)

    This website discusses the flora & fauna of the Andaman & Nicobar islands of India. From this site we come to know about the 1962 km coastline of this island and its clean and pollution free environment. Apart from all these normal facts, this site is instrumental in providing unique information on the islands of Andaman & Nicobar, forests, wildlife found here and its specialty the Mangroves. The most interesting part of this website is a section called the “Biosphere Reserve” which discusses the area of this island, its flora & fauna, pressure & threats and, last but certainly not the least, the management strategy to overcome these threats. Indeed, this site will be the one of your liking, if you are a nature lover and at the same time want to explore the unknown facets of this island.

    indiatogether (www.indiatogether.org)

    This site touches upon all the pertinent environmental issues in India. It has a number of learned articles which might stimulate the minds of conservationists and environmentally conscious citizens of India. This site elaborates on issues like bio-diversity and the recent forest bill which brought in the parliament in a bid to stop deforestation in India. It also enlightens us on the ebb and flow of environmentalism in Indian in recent years. Definitely a site worth a peek!

    cseindia (www.cseindia.org)

    Are you planning to see yourself as an established environmentalist? Well you can start by visiting this site. Find out what career options are there as an environmentalist. Get listed in their directory and know more about their work on the environment. Also find out where you can take a course on environment and also get tips on future prospects.

    gisdevelopment (www.gisdevelopment.net)

    Learn about GIS application on various aspects of the environment. Learn about remote sensing of humid to arid ingredients in Asia or application of GIS and remote sensing in the analysis of the environment of Bay of Bengal and many more such topics. Find out what contribution GIS has made in wild life management, forest management and other things related to the environment. Visit the link.

    infochangeindia (ww.infochangeindia.org)

    This is an environmental site with a difference for it raises some burning question about the environmental scenario of Indian unequivocally. It states the continuous deforestation and unbridled industrialization has pushed India into an impending ecological crisis. There is a host of insightful articles on how the situation can be saved and how we all can work together to make our environment better and make our earth a bit greener.

    indianchild (www.indianchild.com)

    This site will help you on your learning about the environment. Know about how you can conserve your environment, changes in the landscapes, man made features and more. The site also provides further links to another site where you can explore the environment. There are also links where you can gather information on environmental hazards like earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides etc. Learn about protecting environment also from this site. Get links to further sites where you can study environment in more details.

    For information on any topic simply log on to www.bestindiansites.com.