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Best Websites for Ethics

Best Websites for Ethics
  • en.wikipedia
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  • itoutsourcingindia
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  • expresscomputeronline
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  • legalserviceindia
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  • legalserviceindia
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  • rds.yahoo
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  • indiaplaza
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  • itoutsourcingindia
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  • indianngos
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  • articles.sakshay
  • The computer world has its own laws and ethics. But most of the people are either unaware or don't feel concerned about it. Now that cyber crimes and computer hacking is increasing rapidly, an effort should be made to increase the awareness towards cyber ethics. One has to take care about not to break rules of the country as a citizen. Similarly there are also rules and regulations on the internet for the browsers. There are certain ethics one needs to follow. A few sites have been presented for you to know what your limitations are while you are using your computer. So learn better with www.bestindiansites.com

    en.wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org)

    What is computer ethics? How should you identify ethical issues? How would you set ethical standards? The answers to all these questions are contained in this site. The site enlightens you on the dos and doníts on the computer. You will know what a breach of ethics is and how you can avoid doing it. Give yourself a chance and learn more about ethics. Visit this site.

    itoutsourcingindia (itoutsourcingindia.com)

    Only purchasing software and installing it to your computer is not enough. Software also has certain ethics which need to be followed. Visiting this site will inform you what they are and what you need to do about them. There are ethics for commercial software, shareware software, freeware and also the public domain. You only need to go through this site and find out about them. So be better informed.

    expresscomputeronline (www.expresscomputeronline.com)

    Ethics is gaining popularity with the management. They are taking care to ensure an ethical working environment. How they are going about it is explained in this site. How business schools are taking up ethics as an important issue is also mentioned here. All you want to know on the subject is covered here. Visit this site and you will find out so much you didnít know before.

    legalserviceindia (www.legalserviceindia.com)

    From video game censorship, nature and functions of IP laws, right to information on the net, spam, defamation in cyberspace, cyber hacking to copyright laws, they have everything covered. Visit this site and you will get a whole lot of information on cyber laws. You will get to know how to protect your computer and what not to do online. In addition to this they also have a legal adviser to advise you on various things on the net. There is also a cyber laws forum that will make for interesting visit.

    csi-india (www.csi-india.org)

    All the computer-savvy people should be familiar with the computer and internet ethics. A group of IT enthusiasts organized to form this society. Their aim was to share knowledge and ideas about cyber ethics with other people as they realised the potential of the information technology as an emerging sector. CSI mainly focuses on spreading the knowledge and providing opportunities to many other people interested in knowing about computer ethics.

    rds.yahoo (rds.yahoo.com)

    This site presents an erudite article on cyber ethics. The modern generation of today who deals with computers on every walk of life should be aware of cyber ethics. It is very difficult to define cyber ethics because it is a wide term and often intermingling. The writer depicts specific example of cyber ethics and deals with it and then points out what are the ethics that should be maintained in such scenario.

    indiaplaza (www.indiaplaza.com)

    Today children learn computer faster than they learn to speak. Most of the people who deal with computers and internet do not feel much concerned about computer ethics. This has given rise to computer crimes and hacking. If you feel you are not much aware of cyber ethics but willing to learn, here is a book that will introduce you A to Z about computer ethics. The name of the book, its author, price along with a brief summery is given here in this site.

    itoutsourcingindia (itoutsourcingindia.com)

    Software ethics can be defined as the science of morals in computer/ software usage. Just as you try to abide by the law of your country, you should also try to maintain the computer ethics as a computer user. Software ethics are nothing but a set of rules or principles that should be maintained by all the computer users. Read about the software ethics from this site in detail.
    indianngos (www.indianngos.com)

    This site deals with computer -based business ethics. It presents computer business ethics related case study materials. It deals with questions such as how should multinational corporations respond to protest against the ethics of their policies. It also contains consulting on computer-based business ethics. Visit this site to know more.

    articles.sakshay (articles.sakshay.in)

    This will give you an overview of what an intentional breach in computer security is. Moving further, you will also get to know what are the dos and doníts of using a computer. It speaks of the various aspects of unethical activities like hacking and cyber terrorism. Next, it will also tell you how to protect your computer. Now you have a site that not only teaches you what to do and what not to do, but also teaches you how to protect your computer. This is really interesting and calls for a visit. Go click that mouse right into this site and explore.

    The above list of sites offers you information on Ethics.

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