Best Sites for Fashion

Best Fashion Websites
Fashion is all about setting a new trend for the world to follow. For long celebrities have awed the audience with a fine combination of clothes, accessories and attitude; fortunately it’s no longer a secret. Almost every fashionable item is available on the internet, e.g. clothes, jewellery, shoes, stilettoes and many more. With fine visuals and digital graphics, the online shopping experience has graduated from a thing of convenience to a fine editorial experience. Thus, it is no surprise that there is a dot com revolution; bringing the consumers best quality fashion products at unbeatable prices.

Here are the top 10 sites for fashion: (

This premier e-luxury shopping destination, hosts a number of renowned brands like Valentino, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and many more. Recently, the site had re-launched, The Edit, which is its very own weekly magazine offering A-Z tips on dressing, make up and accessories.

Special Feature: The site has a fun map, which allows one to see what shopping items are being added to the carts all over the world. (

Fashion and you is an invitation-only site, which mesmerizes the visitor with its stunning collection of luxury items handpicked from various renowned boutiques and brands spread all over the world. The items have been grouped under different tabs, namely Women, Men, Home &Living and Shops.

Special Feature: The site offers Indian designer luxury items for women, men, children and also home décor. (

Dream about shopping on the streets of London, then this site is your destination. This online fashion boutique showcases latest designer wear for women, from iconic brands like Carven, Owens and Acne. Also, men’s clothing items are also available.

Special Features: The site offers free shipping on all orders in UK, while international shipping is free on orders above £150. (

Want to look fashionable, yet casual? Then, this website is your destination. It offers countless cool t-shirts, cardigans, bags, make up items and all the special ingredients required to look fashion forward. Special Features: Houses all the “It” girl brands that are sure to steal your heart away. (

This is definitely a worth visiting site for all those trendsetters, who are looking for an innovative piece of clothing or even accessories. With over 600 brands less than one house, an amazing number of variants is available.

Special Features: Offers exclusive items from renowned designers like Rag& Bone etc. Also, there is a smart in-house line of basics, which is a collection of must haves’ in any wardrobe. (

Are you looking for some jewellery items for your dear lady? Do you want something literally out of the box? Then, your search is over; this is the right site for you. The sparkling constellations of earrings, shimmering pendants, rings, strings and many other items are sure to captivate you with its charm.

Special Feature: The site features a special bridal collection of dainty vintage inspired rings, that will steal your heart away. (

Developed with a motive to “Discover, shop and express your style”, this site brings to you all the necessary fashion items from head to toe. It features furniture items, beauty products, clothes, handbags, sparkling jewellery and even home décor items.

Special Feature: The site can be connected to Facebook, and users can effectively create their own beauty and fashion boards, which even other viewers can obsess over. (

This is site is well comparable to a supermarket, housing some of the biggest brands like Aveda, Wella and many more. There are detailed sections for Hair, Makeup, Face, Body, Nails, Fragrances to name a few.

Special Feature: The site offers free delivery worldwide and there is about 15% discount on each product over MRP. (

Looking for strictly organic cosmetic items? Then is just the destination. From face products to organic cosmetic, travel and trial kits to baby care items, this site has them all.

It has rightly been called “the natural place to shop”. (

This new start-up site connects fashion with social media is an exciting way, like never before. It helps the users maintain virtual closets, which is basically a compilation of images of clothes using an application WishiCam (can be installed even on Phone). The site is visually engaging and has the potential to turn any newbie into an instant stylist, within minutes.

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