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Best Websites for Budget
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  • pib.nic
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  • Budget is concerned with making of a financial layout incorporating of planned income and expenditures. It is an important element in the study of microeconomics. The government budget or union budget deals with beforehand planning of revenue generation and probable areas of expenses. It is undoubtedly a gala event in India, generating a lot of public interest and involvement. To soak in the heat of budget and the resultant analysis, you've got to login to www.bestindiansites.com to find relevant websites on budget and other budgetary issues.

    indiabudget (indiabudget.nic.in)

    Get your comprehensive budget related information from the official web portal of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Get details of the Union Budget for the economic year of 2007-2008. Also glean through the reports of the economic survey conducted by economic experts under the aegis of the Union Finance Ministry. One of the fascinating aspects of this website is that you can listen to the Finance Minister's budget speech in real format. Download acrobat reader to read up the economic survey reports. Look back at previous year's budgets and economic surveys. In a nutshell, India budget is brought within the reach of your window. You are a mere click away.

    news.indlaw (news.indlaw.com)

    Visit this web portal to bone up detailed information on different aspects of the Union budget. Find the cardinal attributes of the budget, crucial budget highlights, budget speech, yearly financial statement, budget receipt, expenditure budget, statement of revenue, macro economic framework statement, finance bill, fiscal policy statement and more. Click on the link given below to explore more on Indian budget and economy.

    finmin (finmin.nic.in)

    Mumbai holds an important place in the economic map of India. The Government of India nominated a High Powered Expert Committee in Mumbai to channelize the fiscal potential. The committee was spearheaded by senior representatives from the central body and heads of various market and financial organizations. According to the council's recommendation, Mumbai is now regarded as an international financial center. Read up furthermore on the macroeconomic environment of the city and other financial issues. Check out the plethora of links on Union budget, financial institutions, foreign investment policies, capital market investment, current revenue status of the country and more.

    indianrail (indianrail.gov.in)

    Gain in-depth insight into the railway budget for the economic year of 2006-2007. Listen to the speech of the Honorable Railway Minister of India as he initiates progressive measures to reform the largest autonomous body of India. Get the basic points of the budget in English and Hindi. Download the Pink Book and the Green Book on works, machinery and rolling stock program of Indian railways for 2006-2007. Almost browse through the railway statistical summary, facts and figures, new schemes and proposed schemes, etc.

    pib.nic (pib.nic.in)

    Look into the general budget of India for the financial years from 1997-98 to 2005-06. Pick the year and click on the corresponding link to access all the relevant information on that year's budget including summary of the budget, expert analysis, GDP deficit, revenue generation details, thorough break-up of earning and expenditure, central economic plans, press releases and so on.

    sankhya.isical (sankhya.isical.ac.in)

    Planning to regulate your household budget? If yes, you've got to take a peek into this website. It showcases an insightful treatise on inter-state variation in consumer prices and per capita household consumption in rural India. The article focuses on the quantitative analysis of household budget. Click on the link given below to read up the entire report.

    indiainfoline (www.indiainfoline.com)

    Are you an investor brooding over engaging your money in some business? Well, according to The Forbes, this website is a must-visit place then. From budget issues to generic economic trend of the nation everything is up for grabs here. Find the top business news, budget news and views, economic survey reports, budget glossary, pre budget expectations and post budget reactions from the mass, information on yesteryear's budgets, profiles of finance ministers and you just name it! Refer to the ensuing link to lay your hands on the most elaborative online resource base on budget and budgetary issues.

    hotfrog (www.hotfrog.in)

    Welcome to one of India's trusted business directories. Bone up definitive information on budget rental, especially budget car rental. Get your financial need sorted out while buying or renting cars. Check out the sponsored links to find useful web portals dealing in car rental services. Hire or rent cars in Mumbai and its suburban areas. Search for more specific results in case you are looking for customized services. Check out the following link.

    hdfcrealty (www.hdfcrealty.com)

    Planning and managing your property budget is one of the gateways to a rewarding life. Get your budget calculator online to estimate your loan eligibility for property buying. Fill in the form by providing particulars about your residential status, gross monthly income of you and your spouse, monthly loan commitments, years left before you retire, desired rate of interest and so on. Once you are done with, calculate the amount of loan you can have along with rate of interest and EMI amount.

    sify.com (sify.com/finance)

    Read up the article to get an in-depth insight into various aspects of budget presentation. Know the definition of a number of budget terminologies such as ad-valorem duties, appropriation bill, budget deficit, budget provisions, capital goods, capital budget, capital payments, capital expenditure, capital receipt, countervailing duties, consolidated fund, contingency fund, current account deficit, custom duties, performance budget, revenue expenditure, subsidies, twin deficits, regressive tax, progressive tax, value-added tax, revenue surplus, etc.

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