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Financial Accounting

Best Websites for Financial Accounting
  • tallyacademy
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  • shopping sify
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  • moneycontrol
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  • universalteacherpublications
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  • saujanyabooks
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  • pearsoned
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  • mkcl
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  • antraweb
  • Financial Accounting deals with financial matters in business. Ranging from financial planning to financial resource allocation, it provides quantifiable information needed by investors, tax agencies, managers and other businesspersons. The term 'accounting' is a derivative of financial accounts which is a system comprising of a transparent source of financial information about a business. The main purpose of financial accounting is to keep track of one’s earning and the resultant expenditures. Financial accounting encompasses a broad spectrum of topics including financial planning, management accounting, chartered accounting, cost accounting, auditing and so on. Team up with www.bestindiansites.com to find the most comprehensive online financial accounting resources. Get your financial accounting basics right by checking out the following websites on financial accounting.

    tallyacademy (www.tallyacademy.in)

    Tally Academy, the Tally certified training center, showcases the curriculum of Tally Financial Accounting Program, abbreviated as TFAP. The program is structured to provide the students with job oriented training. Learn about the other key features of the program, the objective behind conducting a certification course, course contents and a sample questionnaire to give you an overview of things to look forward to during the tenure of the course. Do check out the links to cram information on other courses such as TTP, financial accounting basics, basics of computers, etc.

    shopping sify (shopping.sify.com)

    What about the prospect of having a couple of good books to fuel your appetite for studying financial accounting? This online shopping portal from the home of Sify gives you the chance to shop for accounting books on business accounting, financial accounting, telecom audit, management accounting and a host of other interdisciplinary branches of Accountancy. The cost-effective shopping will give you value for money. Do look into the shipping charges and other conditions applied to online shopping.

    moneycontrol (www.moneycontrol.com)

    Find your comprehensive online guide to financial planning only with Moneycontrol.com. How judiciously do you plan your income and expenditure? What are the things you should consider before jumping on to any radical conclusion regarding economic investments? What are the bearings of inflation on your financial planning? If these are the queries jamming up your mind, your search ends here. Find everything ranging from life insurance planning to mutual fund investing. Access a number of financial planning tools like risk analyzer, retirement planner, life insurance planner, cost of living calculator, etc. to manage your hard-earned cash better. Check out the link provided below for more on financial planning.

    universalteacherpublications (www.universalteacherpublications.com)

    Want to study financial accounting for free? If your answer is in affirmative, let your search come to a profitable end here! Many universities in India offer integrated courses on financial accounting for the aspiring students. Glean through the course contents incorporating of accounting and its functions, basic accounting principles, balance sheet study, costing, ratio analysis, capital structure, money management and a host of relevant accounting resources. What's more, you can have sample question papers with worked out examples and solutions.

    saujanyabooks (www.saujanyabooks.com)

    Written by learned scholars from the field of financial accounting, the Encyclopedia of Accounting is one book you will hold dear forever! Shop for this book from this virtual bookstore hosted by Saujanya Books. This book is an all-inclusive guide for anyone – be it a veteran player or a newcomer striving to set firm footholds in the frequently-trodden territories of business. Click on the following link to go shopping!

    pearsoned (www.pearsoned.co.in)

    Searching for cost accounting books online? Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis authored by Charles T. Horngren, Srikant M. Datar, George M. Foster, M. Y. Khan and P. K. Jain is going to give you an insightful knowledge into cost accounting concepts and practices. Written for Indian readers, this book cites prevailing practical scenarios from Indian economy and accounting domain. Glean through the salient features of the book and contents. Visit the Pearson Education web portal to read up the author profiles as well.

    mkcl (www.mkcl.org)

    In case you are looking forward to pursue a financial accounting course, your search ends here. Take a peek into this web portal hosted by the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. Aided by world-class faculty members and state-of-the-art lab facilities, the course content incorporates of introduction to financial accounting, financial accounting basics, advanced financial accounting, inventory, business management, document printing and data maintenance. Check out the following link to delve deep into the study of financial accounting.

    antraweb (www.antraweb.com)

    Looking for the most updated version of Tally, one of the most cutting-edge accounting softwares? Check out this web portal to find ERP solutions on the latest versions of Tally, Tally distributors, Tally authorized service centers, etc. The links provided here will guide you through the accessibility of softwares like TallyAscent, Value Pack, Payroll, Shoper and Tally Add ons. Also get extensive updates on the services offered by Antraweb for their highly-satisfied customer base worldwide. Subscribe to Tally Newsletters to get the latest updates and news. Download Tally 9 for free! Log on to explore more.

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