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Best Websites for Fonts
  • acharya
  • 2.
  • mpgovt
  • 3.
  • cdac
  • 4.
  • indianlanguages
  • 5.
  • ascendercorp
  • 6.
  • preeticards
  • 7.
  • chaitanya.bhaavana
  • 8.
  • freefonts
  • 9.
  • search4i
  • 10.
  • geocities
  • When you type on a computer you surely do choose a particular font type for your document and sometimes even a combination of two or more font types that works for you. This is done to give your document your desired character. It brings out the face of the document and gives the reader a feel of the entire document, whether it is for light reading or formal documentation. All this is made possible by the various types of font available. The following list of sites brings various types of fonts that you might be interested in. Find your favourite font with www.bestindiansites.com

    acharya (acharya.iitm.ac.in)

    This is a tutorial on fonts for Indian languages. This website is a result of extensive research which aims to deliver authentic information to its users. They have tried to explain a whole range of techniques beginning from the concept of fonts to font encoding and finally to specific recommendations for designing Indian language fonts. They also have a set of Indian language fonts for you to see. Not only that, they have also discussed the probable problems one might face while designing fonts for the Indian language.

    mpgovt (www.mpgovt.nic.in)

    An exclusive site for those who are interested in the Hindi font (DV-TT-SUREKH). The download process has been mentioned in two very simple steps. The requirement of the supporting software has also been mentioned here. It is a very easy to use website and without any complications.

    cdac (www.cdac.in)

    For your collection of Indian dynamic fonts, this site is a must visit. You can take a look at the samples of the fonts in various Indian languages before you order for them. There is, however, a different method too. Three different steps are mentioned for you to have the font of your choice in your computer. Look up the site for the interesting methods it offers.

    indianlanguages (www.indianlanguages.com)

    This site acts as your guide to the various sites where you can find fonts of the Indian language. They only direct you to the proper location and then you can visit a whole gallery to choose from. Not only that, they also have a collection of sites providing the supporting software for the various types of fonts.

    ascendercorp (www.ascendercorp.com)

    Bengali, Devnagari, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, this site has everything. They have a collection of these Indian fonts for everyone to use. They have an A-Z list of fonts and if this does not tempt you to visit their site, believe me nothing will. This site primarily has fonts from Microsoft but one will really be amazed at the collection and range they provide.

    preeticards (www.preeticards.com)

    If you are looking for a site which will provide you attractive fonts in different Indian languages for the purpose of wedding invitation card then your search ends here. Come to this site to buy traditional Indian wedding cards written in Indian languages such as Bengali, Tamil, Gujrati, Hindi etc. From this site you can choose your own desired fonts for the card and get a preview of all the available fonts. Here, you can make your customized wedding invitation card with different Indian language fonts.

    chaitanya.bhaavana (chaitanya.bhaavana.net)

    Come to this site and which offers free download in Telugu language. It presents a demo on how to compose in Telugu using this Tikkan fonts. It also gives you a step by step instruction, how to download this fonts. Come to this site if you want to download this Tikkan font.

    freefonts (freefonts.co.in)

    From this website you can download various different fonts for free. This site offers a collection of 12,000 fonts and you can download any of the fonts according to your likings. It also has links to other font websites where you can buy required fonts for your project. You can also send your suggestion about fonts through the given e-mail address from this site.

    search4i (www.search4i.com)

    This site offers 6,000 different fonts for free download. It includes Graffiti fonts, old English fonts, handwriting fonts, calligraphy, script, Gothic and fancy cursive fonts. If you are looking for a wide variety of fonts then this site is a must visit site for you.

    geocities (in.geocities.com)

    If you are Bengali then you will find something interesting here. This site offers you a set of utilities for writing texts in Bengali fonts. This utility will enable you to convert Roman text into Bengali. Browse through this site for downloading the fonts in Bengali.

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