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Food Habit

Food is one of the basic necessities for the survival of human beings. Food habits are developed over a time and with a lot of practice. The diet and dietary regimes of the people are formed with respect to a lot of factors. If you are health conscious and have sufficient will power, you can push away the food rich in oil and spices and opt for the more mellow recipes that include low oil and fat recipes. Nutrition is most important. Bring a balance in to your food habit with www.bestindiansites.com

Fnbnews (www.fnbnews.com)

Food habits have always been a matter of great concern. A survey by FnBnews shows striking eating habits across India. Find the different food habits of the people of India. Take a look at how these food habits affect their lifestyle. Did you know that more and more adults and children are enjoying chocolates at home, around twice the proportion of North Indians never drink coffee as compared to South Indians? Read on to find out more.

Foodsafetyindia (foodsafetyindia.nic.in)

Do you know about the most important nutritional considerations in the first year of an infant? Do you know what the good effects of breast feeding are? You will get all of this information right here in this site. Read on to find out what would be the ideal food habit for your infant. Visit the site now.

Karnatakatoursandtravel (www.karnatakatoursandtravel.com)

Enjoy the unique and varied flavours of Karnataka. Read about all of the factors that have contributed to enrich this culinary heritage. Read about their food habit and find out all about their staple food. Learn the methods that they use to make their food. If you want to know more about their food habit, visit the site.

Businesstravellerindia (www.businesstravellerindia.com)

Truly there is more to Bengali food habit than just ‘rasogollas’ and ‘maacher jhol’. Bengal is cited as a land of plenty and more when it comes to cuisines. The ‘panchphoron’ or the five spice mixture forms the mainstay of Bengali food. Visit the site and find out all about the food habits of the Bengalis. Take a look.

Indiasite (www.indiasite.com)

Did you know that Bihari cuisine is a mélange? Rice forms their staple food. If you want to know about the food habits of the people of Bihar, you should visit this site. They have innumerable rice dishes. Find out about their favourite morning meal. If you want more information you must visit this site.

Namboothiri (www.namboothiri.com)

Whatever be your food habits, there are certain rules that you need to follow. This site volunteers to let you know about the rules that you should follow. The Nambhootris of Kerala used to follow a full yet simple and unique lifestyle. Find out about the food habits of the Nambhootris from this site.

Hindu (www.dry-flowers.net)

60% of people are non-vegetarians, 8% of Christians are vegetarians, 30% of young rural men smoke and 13% of young urban men drink. These are only few of the results that the survey shows. These only superficially reveal the food habits of the Indians. Go through this site to find out more interesting facts about the food habits of people.

Eguruguide (www.eguruguide.com)

One must eat to live. Eating healthy is what one must keep in mind everytime you consume food. Do you know what the essentials of cultivating a certain food habit are? Now you can from this site. Besides, you can also view a section on food eating habit, food safety habit, healthy food habit and more. Take a look.

Lifepositive (www.lifepositive.com)

Find out why it is healthier to turn to natural food before it is too late. Change your food habit before it changes your internal system. Take tips from this site as to how and why you should change your food habits. Learn about the benefits of nutrition. Also find out what constitutes proper nutrition in your food. For more information look in to the site.

Medindia (www.medindia.net)

India is a land of varied culture and hence the country has a mixture of food habits prevailing. If you want more information on the various types of food habits people in this country have, you must visit the site. Vegetarian and non vegetarian food habits are well described here. Take a look at the site and find out more.

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