HIV Aids Information Sites

HIV Aids Information Sites
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AIDS is not one disease. It is a conglomerate of diseases ranging from yeast infection to cancer and also pneumonia. It should be remembered that AIDS is not always fatal. The symptoms of AIDS, however, seem to have changed over the years with the addition of new illness and conditions to the group of maladies. Initially, AIDS contained on 12 conditions.But today it comprises of 28 separate symptoms. This new addition has also suddenly increased the number of people infected with AIDS. AIDS is known as immune suppression. You cannot tell from a personís face whether he is infected with AIDS or not. Remember, the infection can only be detected by doing a blood test named ELISA which is an HIV antibody test. has found you ten sites where you will get all required information on HIV AIDS from. Take a look and find out all that you need to know about this highly dreaded disease. Take a look now.

Lifepositive (

When you want an idea of what AIDS is and when you want to know about its effects, visit this site. All of you are aware of this much dreaded disease. Come let us find out the symptoms of AIDS. This site will help you learn all about the disease. Do you know how AIDS gets transmitted? If you donít know you will get to know from here. There are ways you can prevent this disease. Find out all of this information from this site.

Nari-icmr (

Indian Council of Medical Research has a National AIDS Research Institute. With the widespread of AIDS in India in the early 90s, the national efforts fro control of the HIV infection needed quality research. This is when the National AIDS Research Institute came into being. Learn about all the ongoing projects by this organization. View their scientist profile. Go through their list of publications and also read through the news about this organization working for AIDS.

Youandaids (

If you want to know the scenario in India regarding AIDS, you will get it from here. Find out general information on AIDS from the site. Studies show that an estimated 5.1 million Indians are currently living with AIDS. A significant proportion of new infections are occurring in women who have married and those who have been infected by their husbands. Take a look at the indicators that suggest the change in the same scenario. Take a look at whether the situation is changing for the better or for the worse. Click on the link below for more information.

Worldbank (

One of the countries with the largest number of people infected with HIV AIDS is India. The worst affected States would include Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland. Visit the site and learn about the vulnerability and risk of AIDS. Not only that, also view how the nation has responded to HIV AIDS all from this site. There are however, certain issues and challenges of the entire situation. View all of these in the site. Take a look.

Wonder-cures (

Narcotics, steroids, AZT & malnutrition causes AIDS. A study in USA and Europe revealed that 90% cases of AIDS have been reported in homosexual men and drug users. Learn about the causes and pathogenesis of AIDS in infants, hemophiliacs, in drug users and homosexuals. You will find these important findings and more in the site. Know about the logical steps that should be taken to prevent AIDS and to cure people with AIDS. Take a look.

Psgaidsinfo (

The Ďall you need to know about AIDSí is right here. Get all kinds of information on HIV AIDS from this site. On an average about 685,000 people worldwide are infected everyday with an STD. Amongst these so many are infected by HIV AIDS. People have a lot of misconceptions regarding this dreaded disease. It is important to break the myths and put light on the reality of things. Learn how AIDS actually spreads and also how it can be prevented. Take a look at the site to find out important information on AIDS.

Ranbaxy (

there are several myths surrounding HIV AIDS. These myths should be cleared and people should be brought face to face with the reality. The most important thing to remember about AIDS is that you cannot prevent it from happening if you keep mum about it. The more you discuss the more information you will get on AIDS. Learn about the history of AIDS, its statistics, symptoms, the difference between HIV and AIDS and a lot more from the site.

Health.indiatimes (

An AIDS patient definitely needs special care. The nutrition of an AIDS patient should definitely be special. Since his immunity system begins to dysfunction he would need extra. So if you want to know about the nutrition factor of an AIDS patient, visit the site. It has elaborated the requisites of a patient suffering from AIDS. If you need to take care of an AIDS patient you will get primary information from here. Know the dos and donít s of treating an AIDS patient. For more information click on the link below.

Doctorndtv (

NDTV in its best efforts to educate you on AIDS has developed this website. NDTV talks of sex education in children which is very essential if there has to be a plan for preventing the disease. Know about the AIDS associated tumours from this doctor. Gain more information on sexual intercourse and hence sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Find all these information and more from the site.

Aids-india (

This is a specially designed website for educating you about HIV AIDS. They also have strived to include as much graphics as possible to be able to better elucidate on the same topic. Read about the basics of AIDS, the dos and doníts of the disease. Go through the frequently asked questions on AIDS and also about the use of condoms. If you have a question to ask on AIDS, you may do so right here.

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