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Abortion concerns the removal or riddance of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, as a result of its death. Abortion is either done medically or surgically or by other ways at any stage during human pregnancy, or has to be done because of miscarriage. The former refers to induced abortion which is a critical issue in many developing countries of the third world including India. Numerous ethical and legal aspects are attached with induced abortion issues, making it a highly controversial one. Normal abortion or spontaneous abortion resulting from miscarriage happen either due to inappropriate reproduction of chromosomes or due to certain environmental or ecological reasons. The ethical question pertaining to abortion primarily deals with saving the life of a pregnant woman and ensuring the prevention of a defective childbirth. Due to faulty or unsafe abortion, many women in India are pushed to social disgrace and even untimely death. Now if you are looking forward to swot up comprehensive information on abortion, abortion process, effects of abortion, abortion clinics and other related issues, take a look at the websites compiled by

abortioncentre (www.abortioncentre.com)

Visit this web portal to get complete information on one of the trusted abortion clinics in India. This Delhi-based abortion center, spearheaded by Dr Anjali Gaur, relies on state-of-the-art medical equipments to make sure a safe and secure abortion. Moreover, non-surgical abortions are done with the help of medicine or vacuum suction. Click on the following link to explore more.

icmr (icmr.nic.in)

Cases of unsought pregnancies are on the rise in India, forcing the concerned authorities to seriously interfere into the matter. The family planning program of India has set its objectives firmly to provide a wide array of contraceptive alternatives. Since abortion cases have become a regular affair among youngsters, integrated programs should be conducted in order to create awareness among the mass. This web portal contains detailed statistics of abortion cases and issues. Study the reports and go through the tables to know how far Indians are aware of this vital issue.

hindustantimes (hindustantimes.com)

Want to watch a film based on abortion? Just take a peep into this web portal to read up the story of the famous Cannes Film Festival where a Romanian movie took the world to storms by projecting a very sensitive issue on reel. If you are interested to go through the review of the film, check out the following link.

ijme (www.ijme.in)

Abortion, a very sensitive issue as it is, assumes a much greater significance in the Islamic nations around the globe. Iran for instance, has reviewed its legal provisions regarding issues such as Therapeutic Abortion and implemented necessary modifications. Get to know the new abortion laws in Iran by clicking on the following link.

bhj (www.bhj.org)

Unsafe abortion results in the death of many young women all over India. An attempt to terminate the germ of life before maturation leads to unfortunate cases of death and legal hazards. Find a couple of case studies for unsafe abortion and also get to know the expert opinions and discussions regarding each of the cases. Check out the link given below.

indiaparenting (www.indiaparenting.com)

Does an abortion pill serve the purpose? Are you wondering about when to take the pill? If these are the questions that are bothering you, simply check out this trusted website from India Parenting. Also find other topics such as the follow up measures, abortion process and the effects of abortion and the risks associated with it. (medind.nic.in)

Contrary to conventional practices, medical abortion has been preferred to surgical abortion with the advancement of medical sciences. Complex surgical procedures often risk the life of the patient and hence medical abortion is a welcoming alternative. Medical abortion can terminate pregnancy by offering several contraceptive choices. Find an extensive discussion on medical abortion from the web portal.

womenexcel (www.womenexcel.com)

Get to know the usual causes of miscarriages, who are mostly vulnerable to miscarriages, the ideal time to think about conceiving after a miscarriage, whether abortion a perfectly normal way to go about the business, the disorders that might affect the baby and the long-term as well the short-term effects of abortion. The discussion is given in the manner of FAQs so that you don't need to read up the entire article to get specific information you might be seeking.

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