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In the lifecycle of the mortals aging is an inevitable phase. None can escape this process but now-a-days people can very well put a tab on the aging process. With the invention of different surgical procedures and cosmetics now people can check the aging process for quite sometime. The cosmetics market is literally flooded with different sorts of anti-aging cosmetics ranging from eye care to skin care products. This webpage will provide you the top portals of India which deal with aging -- Cruise through these portals and age gracefully with the help of these portals.

expressindia (cities.expressindia.com)

An art exhibition was organized recently which portrayed the works of artist Debarshi Roy. The exhibition titled “A handful of Dignity” vividly depicted the emotions of the aging population of India. The paintings were a vivid portrayal of the anxiety of the old and the senile. The paintings were created using the vector art. Learn about this new technique of art with the assistance of this portal. Take a comprehensive look at the paintings depicting the emotions of the old and the aging persons of India by logging on to this portal.

ebay (health.listings.ebay.in)

Well this portal brings real good news for the aging population of India. Guess what -- now you can reverse your aging process with the help of special cosmetics. Here you will find a comprehensive collection of the anti-aging cosmetics. From eye cream to herbal skin care are products here you will get all sorts of cosmetics which can check your aging effectively. Here you will find products of the top cosmetics brands of the world. Take a sneak peek inside this portal; you will marvel after taking a look at the immense range of anti-aging cosmetics presented here. Check-out their prices. You can even purchase these cosmetics online – hurry get hold of the ever-youth secret by logging on to this portal.

seniorindian (www.seniorindian.com)

The old age homes of India are established to take care of the senior citizens and the aging population of India. In the recent times the aging and the elderly population of India has to take refuge in the old age homes owing to multiple factors. Well if you are wondering why the aged population of India is increasingly lodging in the old age homes, this portal will acquaint you with the factors which make the old age homes a safe and secured residence for the senior citizens. The old age homes in India fall into 2 different categories. The free old age homes look after the poor aged population of India who has no one to turn to. These old age homes offer them food, clothing and shelter. The old age homes for the destitute also provide medical care to these aged people. There is another type of aged home known as the paid aged homes also known as the retirement homes. These retirement homes have become extremely popular with the middle class aged population of India. Acquaint yourself with the aged homes of India by diving inside this portal.

helpageindia (www.helpageindia.org)

HelpAge is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which takes care of the senior citizens and the aging population of India. The patron of this charity organization is the honorable ex-president of India, Mr. R. Venkataraman. India has over 1000 old age homes. HelpAge provides help and support to about 194 old age homes of India. It offers medical care and attention to the aging citizens of India. Take a look at the healthcare programs conducted by HelpAge by checking into this portal. Besides the healthcare programs HelpAge also has various schemes for the aged population of India. Check-out the various programs organized by HelpAge. Learn more about this charity organization by cruising through the navigation menu presented on the right hand side of the portal. Would you like to receive newsletters, program updates and offers etc. from HelpAge? Well then dash an e-mail to HelpAge, you can find the mail address on this portal.

nih (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Recently a study was carried out on the old age homes of India. The survey was conducted on 48 old age homes scattered all across India. This website carries an article which talks about the results of this survey. The old age homes in India are increasing in number by the day and the old and aging population of India hailing from the middle class background is seeking accommodation in these old age homes. You will get precise and clear information on the old age homes by studying this report. Go through this article and check-out why the middle class aged population is taking refuge in the old age homes.

seniorindian www.seniorindian.com()

In the present times lots of old age homes have sprung up in India. The old age homes in India look after the aging senior citizens and cater to their needs and requirements. This portal offers a chart of the old age homes in India which take care of the old and aging population of India. It has enlisted the old age homes scattered all across India. The users can learn about all the old age homes located in the different states of India by checking into this portal. If you want to check-out the old age homes of India, click on the states and take a look at the old age homes of that particular state. Alternately you can take a sneak peek inside these old age homes by cruising through this portal. You will get comprehensive information on the old age homes of India by navigating through this portal. It offers precise and detailed information on the old age homes which have been established in the various states of India like Delhi, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Beside the old age homes in India, the list consists of a collection of the charity homes, homes for the poor and the destitute etc. Check-out their facilities and services; collect their addresses and contact details by making a tour of this site.

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