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Alcoholism refers to circumstances under which an individual becomes addicted to alcoholic drinks in spite of its harmful effects. If explained from medical perspective, Alcoholism is a disease either inherited or developed from genetic, psychological or social factors. In most countries around the world, Alcoholism is a growing cause for concern. Alcohol addiction can be a dangerous preoccupation leading to severe mental as well as physical problems. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption over a long period of time may result in withdrawal tendencies and dependence, often inescapable and damaging. However, a clear distinction should be made between alcohol intake and Alcoholism. The former stands for consumption of alcohol without getting addicted to it, while the later signifies unrestrained alcohol intake. The frequency, quantity and degree to which an individual consumes alcohol are also very important when it comes to differentiate between an addict and a normal alcohol user. It goes unsaid that alcohol consumption varies a great deal from one person to another and the treatment for Alcoholism is just as varied depending on the condition of the user. Perhaps the most challenging part of the treatment for Alcoholism is bringing the user back to a normal and sane state of mind. The methods of treatment involve detoxification, supportive therapies, cultivation of self-help and different coping mechanisms. Check out the sites compiled by to know about Alcoholism, alcohol addiction, Alcoholism statistics, Alcoholism treatment, alcohol rehab programs, alcohol detox programs, etc.

No matter whether you are a teetotal or not, you are sure to get fascinated by the contents of this web portal hosted by The discussion centers on man's alcohol dependence. Get to know the symptoms that ushers disturbing phases of Alcoholism. The symptoms incorporate of craving, loss of control over mind, physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms and attaining a higher degree of tolerance level. Also ascertain yourself with alcohol rehab programs and alcohol detox programs. Check out the following link to bone up exhaustive information.

A remote village of Almora district in the state of Uttaranchal has set an example for the rest to follow. To protest against rampant Alcoholism of men, the womenfolk of the village have decided to elect a woman candidate. The somewhat lone fight has been fought by the Mahila Ekta Parishad, who has taken the onus to curb down vandalism due to drinking habits. Rate the article and find other relevant topics. Click on the following link to read up the complete report.

Because of alcohol's intoxicating effect and dangling charm, many drinkers find it difficult to control their instincts and take in more than they can. Hence things go for a toss and troubles seem to pour in. Visit this virtual health center to know everything about Alcoholism and de-addiction. Do take note of the fact that the discussion doesn't concern restrained alcoholic intake but Alcoholism. Derive in-depth insight into the highs and lows of alcohol, physical damage caused by alcohol, Alcoholism as a recoverable disease, idea of relapse, relaxation techniques and many interrelated topics.

Extensive campaigning, providing proper and timely treatment and ensuring healthy rehabilitation are some of the most important needs to gain control over Alcoholism. Integrated steps have to be taken in order to raise the awareness among the mass. Various NGOs and voluntary organizations recruit people who are willing to work for a genuine cause. They also invite community participation to increase the general level of enthusiasm. This web portal will let you know about the aims and objectives of the scheme, eligibility criteria, innovative contents of the program, etc. Check out the link below.

This one is definitely not going to make you feel tipsy! Visit the website to read up an erudite article on the biochemical diagnosis of alcoholism. The article is coupled with tables and demographic profiles. Also find Alcoholism statistics, hematological profile of normal persons and a plethora of reference articles. Click on the following link to have an edifying experience.

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