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Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking is a ghastly reality that stares in the face of the civilized global community. India is not free from the clutches of this social vice. Child trafficking is rampant in India and the Indian government despite undertaking several measures has not been able to root out this horrible social menace completely. Every year thousands of children are trafficked and are forced to serve as bonded laborers and slaves. The girl children fall prey to the prostitution rackets and land in the brothels or end up being sex slaves. Some of them are forced to work as domestic servants. The internet is abuzz with portals on child trafficking. www.bestindiansites.com has collated the top Indian portals offering comprehensive information on child trafficking in India. The following portals will offer you a full picture of the child trafficking scenario in India. Navigate through these portals and check-out the measures undertaken by the government of India to eradicate the ghastly business of child trafficking.

indiatimes (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

Child trafficking is a bitter reality that stares in the face of the civilized human society. A survey conducted by a voluntary organization found Varanasi to be the main child-trafficking hub of India. Varanasi is considered as a highly sacred Indian city and is the major pilgrim spot of India. It beggars belief that this sacred city can act as the main child-trafficking hub of India. But if the results of this survey are anything to go by then this sacred Indian city is serving as the main child-trafficking junction of India. This news portal hosts an article detailing the results of the survey carried out by that voluntary organization. The Human Welfare Association, a non-government organization was offered the first project to make the people of Uttar Pradesh aware about this social vice and to devise strategies to fight this social menace. This project is supported by the Indo German Social Service Society. The director of the Human Welfare Association, Dr. Rajnikant estimated that around 65% of the inmates who are lodged in the remand homes in Mumbai hail from the districts of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It also found that over 50,000 children and adolescent girls hailing from Nepal are trafficked to cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Goa and Mumbai every year through Varanasi. Visit this site and acquaint yourself with this growing social menace. You will get a complete picture of the child trafficking in India by reading this article.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

An ugly reality stares in the face of the Indian society today and this is child trafficking. Child trafficking is an unbearable social menace. Child trafficking is a curse to the society. India has tried to fight this evil but with little progress. India still remains in the tier 2 watch list for the fourth year in a row. This ranking denotes that India is not complying with the standards that the U.S. had laid down for combating child trafficking. The Trafficking in Persons or the TIP report assesses the steps undertaken by the different countries to curb human trafficking and this report is released every year by the State department of the U.S. The report of the previous year found India as the source, destination and also the transit country for human trafficking. The report cited that the Indian government was not able to investigate and prosecute human and child trafficking rackets in India. Reacting to the TPI report the Government of India undertook numerous steps to improve this condition and established a special cell within the Ministry of Home Affairs to solve the problem and to create a policy for vigorously implementing the “Immoral Traffic Prevention Act”. The “Bureau of Police Research and Development” brought out the Human Trafficking Handbook for Investigators to train the police force for combating this social evil. It has been decided that certain amendments will be made in the Immoral Traffic Act and the Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development are chalking out elaborate schemes to prevent human trafficking and to rescue and provide rehabilitation for the victims of human trafficking. Log onto this web address and go through this highly informative piece of article on child trafficking. You will get an in-depth insight into the human trafficking in India by reading this exclusive article.

bba (bba.org.in)

Log on to this portal and glean comprehensive information on the child trafficking in India. Learn what is exactly meant by the term “child trafficking”. Children are trafficked and then are forced into various types of illegitimate work. The practice of child trafficking is an extension of the human slavery that was banned about a century ago. The now-defunct practice of human slavery is carried forward by the ghastly trade of child trafficking. Check-out the reports of international surveys conducted on child trafficking that are presented on this portal. For the last couple of decades there has been a considerable rise in the cases of child trafficking. It is estimated that over 800,000 people are smuggled across the international borders every year and the majority of these (about 50%) trafficked population consists of children. Child trafficking is growing at an alarming rate in India. The U.S. State Department estimates that more than 200,000 people are either trafficked into or are smuggled through India. Go through this article and acquire in-depth information on child trafficking in India.

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