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The daily soaps are the main revenue earners of the Indian television industry. The daily soaps have found widespread popularity with the Indian television audience. The daily soaps are beamed by the big television channels of India. The daily soaps portray real life stories and events that the Indian audience can very well connect and relate to. The daily soaps are produced in a way that keeps the audience firmly anchored to their T.V. sets.
This web page has enlisted the top Indian portals dealing with the Indian daily soaps. Cruise through these portals and you will get a precise and clear overview of the Indian daily soaps. Get a taste of the Indian daily soaps by navigating your way through these portals --- Enjoy!

bollywood (www.bollywood.com)

This portal presents an interesting article on the daily soaps of India. The article is penned by Subhash K. Jha, who works for the Indo-Asian News Service. The daily soaps find huge popularity with the Indian population. Here Subhash K. Jha talks about a growing trend in the Bollywood soaps. The daily soaps tend to portray the changeover of generations. But this is not finding favor with the casts of the daily soaps who are reluctant to play the part of the oldie. This article touches on the upcoming trend of generation transition in the Indian daily soaps and the apprehensions of the actors to act out the role of the great grandpa or the great granny. Go through this article, it will surely make for a riveting read and you can get some valuable insights on the popular trend in the Indian daily soaps. You can also cruise through the articles on related topics presented on the bottom of this portal. There is also a comment box where you can place your own comments on these stories. Click on this web portal and take an in-depth look into the world of Indian daily soaps.

oneindia (entertainment.oneindia.in)

Well do you miss out on your favorite T.V. programs since you are not aware of the timings? Check-into this portal and get hold of the schedules of your favorite T.V. programs. This site presents a complete chart of the popular T.V. shows of the different Indian channels. Here you will find the complete chart of program schedules of the highly popular T.V. channels that include the likes of Sony, the whole host of Star Channels, a comprehensive collection of the South Indian T.V. channels and the highly informative History channel. From music shows to daily soaps, news to lifestyle shows you will get the timings of all the T.V. shows right here on this portal. So now you donít have to miss the daily soaps or your hot-favorite programs because you were not able to keep track of them. Simply log on to this portal and check-out the timings and get prepared to enjoy a generous dose of your favorite T.V. programs.

yahoo (in.answers.yahoo.com)

Have you ever wondered why the reality T.V. shows are getting an edge over the daily soaps? Well you will find the answers to this question right here on this portal. Drop in at this portal and you will find a host of answers. The answers posted here have been contributed by the users of this portal. Throw a glance at their comments and you can gain a fair idea on what is making the reality T.V. shows exceedingly popular these days. Here the users can vote for the best answer. Check-out the best answer picked up by the users and you will surely find the reply to your query.

indiatimes (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

While the viewers stay glued to their T.V. sets while watching the daily soaps, little do they realize what goes on to make these daily soaps. This portal will acquaint you with the facts associated with the making of a daily soap. It presents an article which carries an interview given by the revered personality in the Kannada television, Mr. T.N. Seetharam. Itís really an arduous task for the directors to present the daily soaps in such a way that the viewers wonít get bored; on the contrary they have to bring the soaps before the audience that will keep them totally engrossed for the entire duration. Read this article and you will get a hang of the stress and toil that is involved in producing the daily soaps. Check-it out, itís a behind the scene reality of the daily soaps.

indianpad (www.indianpad.com)

This web portal will offer you an informative article on the daily soaps of India. The article introduces you to a gloomy aspect of the Indian television. Check-out the writerís take on the Indian television industry by going through this article. You can even cast your vote for this commentary piece. Well if you have any opinion on this topic you can voice your comments in the comment box. This is a highly user friendly website where you can get access to loads of stuffs ---- check all this out by simply clicking on this web address.

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