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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse refers to the physical or psychological torture unleashed on any member of a family by another member. Domestic violence can take various forms according to the severity, frequency and mode of dominance. The basic dimensions include physical violence, emotional exploitation, economic deprivation, intimidation, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse or even threats of violence. It is also termed as relationship violence for it occurs within the four-walls of a household. The commonest form of domestic violence is spousal violence in which spouses get involved in abusing each other either physically or mentally or both. Family violence encompasses a broader range, incorporating child abuse, violence against women, elder abuse and so on. Many theories have been put up to find out the reasons behind these heinous acts of domestic violence. The abusers are normally found to have a latent wish to gain power and control over others. Bestindiansites.com compiles premier Indian websites on domestic violence and its resultant atrocities.

expressindia (www.expressindia.com)

According to a survey conducted by the United Nations, two third of Indian married women are subject to domestic violence arraying from physical torture to untoward sex. The survey, conducted by the United Nation Population Fund, revealed that almost 70% of espoused women in India have to go through this terrible ordeal without being able to protest against this appalling violence against women. Click on the following link to read up the complete report.

website host (

Glean through this website hosted by the state legislative assemblies to bone up detailed information on the Protection from Domestic Violence Bill, 2002. Know the legal definition of domestic violence and various interpretations of it. Read up the statement of objects and reasons, the memorandum regarding delegated legislation and fiscal memorandum.

wecanendvaw (www.wecanendvaw.org)

Concerned about violence against women, especially violence within the apparently secured four walls? This website comes up with some disturbing statistics related to violence within homes. Are you aware of the ugly consequences of domestic violence such as sexual abuse, economic deprivation, emotional abuse, etc.? Take a peek into the links to find the roots of domestic violence and domestic abuse and to see the legal provisions against this issue.

hindustantimes (hindustantimes.com)

Not just women, but men are also falling prey to domestic violence these days! The tables have turned drastically making the men run for their dear lives. The cases of men being harassed by their partners are increasing and counseling centers and help lines are getting flooded with phone calls. The nature of violence against men ranges from verbal abuse to psychological and physical violence. Click on the following link to read up the detailed report.

dcw.delhigovt (dcw.delhigovt.nic.in)

Ascertain yourself with the goals and objectives, the Delhi Commission for Women has set for themselves to combat domestic violence. Glean through the various factors and legal provisions, the limitations of the proposed bills passed in the Parliament so far and so on. There are a number of citations and case studies to substantiate the arguments.

un.org (www.un.org.in)

Looking for online resources, websites and informative community portals on domestic violence, sexual harassment, family violence, spousal violence and a number of other atrocities against humanity? This colossal directory will cater to your need of finding the most relevant and contemporary arguments and discussions.

infochangeindia (www.infochangeindia.org)

Rashme Sehgal from Infochange India voices her protest against delaying the implementation of the Domestic Violence Bill. According to her view, this unnecessary delay does not augur well for the women who are going through tormenting experiences. Read up the complete article first and feel free to come up with your views. You can email the author in case you have something to point out.

zeenews (www.zeenews.com)

Ritam Banati from Zee News expresses his views on the new Domestic Violence Act, 2005. He alludes to the statistical report compiled by the United Nation Population Fund. The report contains enough facts and figures to raise your eyebrows about the actual condition of women in the confinement of Indian homes. Read up the article to know about the newer modifications and restrictions of the law. Email the page to your friends or near and dear ones in case you find the treatise interesting.

living oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

Violence in marital life normally involves spousal violence. Experts have commented that some husbands or male partners often possess a raging desire to gain control of things at their domestic front. Moreover, lower middle class families are often plagued by financial troubles and consequently, domestic violence begins to show its ugly faces. If you are looking for some organizations working against violence in marriage, your search ends here. Find contact details of a handful of organizations spread across the country.

pib (pib.nic.in)

Child abuse is probably the most condemnable act of cowardice and inhumanity. This web portal hosted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development under the aegis of the Government of India showcases a study report incorporating of statistics and proposed resolutions. The survey was conducted in affiliation with UNICEF, Save the Child and PRAYAS, a Delhi-based organization. Browse through the treatise to be aware of the graveness of the issue.

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