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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a situation marked by irresistible intake of drug without paying attention to the negative and damaging consequences of such a compulsive indulgence. It is a prevailing syndrome especially among younger people who seek refuge in some fanciful and short – lived world of sensual pleasures. Most drug addicts aspire to attain a mental state of trance and tranquility by consuming either natural or synthetic drugs. Although it is still a raging controversy whether any such state can at all be attained through consumption of drugs, there are ample examples of great creators being voraciously addicted to drugs. Dependence on drugs to invoke the creative faculties of mind has always been a distinctive aspect of many artists and other creative individuals. The psychological dependence occurs when a particular drug is taken regularly and the mind becomes accustomed to its effects. The user feels alienated without it. Thus it has been observed that those who are dependent on drugs go through annoying experiences if they cease to take them. This happens mainly because the physiological system takes its own time to cope with the effects of drug discontinuation. Team up with www.bestindiansites.com to derive comprehensive information on causes of drug addiction, effects of drug addiction, drug addiction treatment, drug de–addiction program and a number of other related topics.

living.oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

This oneindia portal showcases an article on mother and son relationship with special emphasis on penetrating into adolescent and teenage psychology. The role of mother is very important to inculcate good values in children. Spending quality time with each other, being his companion, understanding and sharing his adolescent desires and more importantly, being their friend, philosopher and guide in matters of sex and drugs should be on top of a mother's list of priorities when it comes to proper child upbringing. Read up more by clicking on the following link.

mohfw (mohfw.nic.in)

Get to know about the drug de-addiction program organized by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department, the Government of India. The department has undertaken a number of integrated programs to abstain the drug addicts from plunging into this dangerous pastime. Not just drug addiction, the programs also include staunch campaigning against HIV AIDS and Tuberculosis. Click on the following link to get detailed information.

mohfw (mohfw.nic.in)

Many voluntary organizations in India are conducting full – fledged drug de-addiction programs to uproot this social evil. Numerous non Governmental Organizations adopt different policies and systems such as Medicine, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda and various psychotherapy practices to cure drug addiction. Glean through the article to learn about how rehabilitation programs are carried out.

socialjustice (socialjustice.nic.in)

Read up the excerpts of resolution taken by the Government of India to reduce drug demands and to prevent drug trafficking. Find a number of relevant topics including statistics, awareness programs, probable areas of concern and prospective remedies and lot more. Simply check out the link given below.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

The web version of the Sunday Express reports on the making of a documentary based on drug abuse on women. Read up the article to get the views of filmmaker Leichil Luwang who was approached by an NGO called Nirvana Foundation. Go through the complete treatise to push your way through the darkest by lanes of a society plagued by decay and frustration. Feel free to post your comments and views.

mind ( mind.in)

Amass useful factual details regarding drug treatment – what it is, what are the models generally followed and much more. You can also know the author profile and post your comments regarding the topics of discussion. Keep in mind that you need to be a registered member of the site to be able to post your own comments and suggestions and also to read what other members have come up with. Find more from the link provided below.

wfsnews (www.wfsnews.org)

The north eastern states of Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are the worst-affected areas in India as far as drug addiction is concerned. Over the last few years, the number of HIV affected people in these areas has skyrocketed as well. Now this web portal showcases a few news articles that are highly relevant in fighting the menace of drug addiction and other life-threatening indulgences. You can go through the synopsis of the story before going ahead and get a copy for yourself.

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