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Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is a less severe expression for molestation or sexual harassment, especially in India and Pakistan. The instances of this street sexual abuse may range from sexually colored remarks to outright attempts of molestation or rape. The issue of eve teasing is a growing concern in most south Asian countries and includes a number of issues such as the safety of women and young girls, the security of foreigners touring in this part of the world, etc. Needless to mention, eve teasing is a social curse the cause of which is deeply rooted in the sexually repressive social structure of many third world countries. Although government and other law-enforcing agencies have taken stern steps to put an end to these outrageous acts of street sexual violence, the problems of sexual offense still continue to haunt the society. The alarming thing is that most cases of eve teasing go unreported to the police for concern of public exposure and humiliation. So getting an accurate statistics of eve teasing is not an easy task. Unable to escape from the harrowing experience of being sexually abused, many victims of eve teasing commit suicide. It is a pathetic truth that society often refuses to take back eve teasing victims on the alibis of chastity and virginity.

indiaparenting (www.indiaparenting.com)

Responsible parenting plays a crucial role in enhancing the awareness among girls about the damaging consequences of being eve teased. This India Parenting portal is an online guide regarding the disturbing issue of eve teasing. What can a woman do if confronted with an unsought situation? How can she fight back in order to defend herself? What to do if she is hunted down? How can she judge and avoid potential abusers? These are the core questions pertaining to eve teasing and they are sorted out in the most assuring and comforting manner.

ncw (ncw.nic.in)

Check out eve teasing laws that have been provisioned under the jurisdiction of the Indian Penal Code. This web portal showcases the new legislation provisions. See the existing ones before checking out the suggested amendments, general opinions and observations. Also take note of the fact that these amendments have been proposed by the National Commission for Women (NCW) in the wake of alarming eve teasing cases throughout the country.

cause oneindia (cause.oneindia.in)

Any act of crime can be constricted by enforcing hard-and-fast legal regulations. Eve teasing is not an exception either. Read up this oneindia petition filed against eve teasing. The neat and crisp presentation covers all the crucial aspects of this atrocious crime. Sign the petition to voice your hatred against this abominable act of street sexual harassment.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

This e-version of Indian Express will give you the statistics of eve teasing in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu legislative assembly has passed a new bill to enforce stern legal steps against the offenders of eve teasing. This bill was passed unanimously underpinning the significance of the issue. To go through the complete article, you have got to check out the following link.

legalserviceindia (www.legalserviceindia.com)

Eve teasing is an issue on which every woman has something to say. Perceived as sexual harassment, eve teasing may range from verbal harassment to a physical one. This legal portal showcases the view of women on eve teasing on the basis of a survey. Note that most women feel that police should be more active and prompt to curb down instances of eve teasing. Most of them also feel that the administration needs to have a firm and transparent policy in eve teasing matters. Get more from the site.

living.oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

This is for all the Blank Noise members or supporters or volunteers or just readers! Take part in the Blank Noise meet to voice your opinion on street sexual harassment or eve teasing. Carefully read up the instructions given in the article. Let them know your valued feedback by posting your comments and suggestions. Check out the link given below.

acorn nationalinteres (acorn.nationalinterest.in)

Find where Indian women do actually stand as far as leading a respectable life is concerned. This informal community portal comes up with user comments on various social curses like eve-teasing, sexual harassments, molestation and other defamatory acts done on women. You can share your own opinion as well. Do check out recent posts and comments.

banwasi (www.banwasi.com)

How about going through a few books on eve teasing? If you are interested about this prospect, don't hesitate to check out this website hosted by banwasi.com. You can read up an enlightening book without having to look for a hard copy. Glean through the index to get an idea of the topics that are discussed in the book. Some of these topics include the nature of an eve teaser, cases of eve teasing, possible ways to avert eve teasing and so on.

indiastat (www.indiastat.com)

Get your comprehensive database of outrageous crimes against women and girls. Find facts and figures arranged in year-specific manner at state or country level. Just click on the respective links to get the statistics. The statistics are shocking in most cases, but don't get disheartened. Stand up and do your bit to prevent sexual offenses against women.

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