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Fantasizing concerns getting involved in an intended chain of imaginary thoughts to stir up pleasing feelings. In a narrower context, fantasizing is also known as daydreaming that an individual has while remaining completely in his senses, primarily about some extravagant or fantastical thoughts distinctly different from his or her present milieu. The person undergoes a strongly emotive experience when he or she indulges in daydreaming about future prospects or vivid recollections of a forgone time. There is a slender deviation from this definition when it comes to define fantasizing in sexual context. Sexual fantasizing ignites sexual feelings leading to sensual gratifications. The prevailing mental process that forms the kernel of this particular form of fantasizing is the formulation of a mental imagery which the concerned individual reckons erotically appealing. The purpose of sexual fantasy may array from getting unfulfilled sexual desires gratified to simply pass time or helping oneself fall asleep. Depending on the extent of fantasizing and personal tastes and preferences, a person may or may not want to act out his or her sexual dreams in reality. This is mainly because fantasies might range from being routine to really freakish. If you are looking forward to learn about fantasizing and interpretation of fantasy, the websites enlisted by www.bestindiansites.com would be the ideal online resource for you to get scientific explanations, case studies and articles.

kamasutraontheweb (www.kamasutraontheweb.com)

Do you feel a bit undervalued when your partner fantasizes about someone else? It is a common belief that nurturing extramarital sexual fantasies are immoral for one's sexual relationship. The article in this web portal argues about the validity of such hypothesis. Learn that having sexual fantasies only underpins the intensity level and sexually active nature of either you or your partner. Since no human sex is worth without love, fantasizing can only enkindle the passion of love. Click on the following link to explore more.

indiaparenting (www.indiaparenting.com)

Explore the rewarding aspects as well as the drawbacks of daydreaming. Read up the article presented in this website to cram in-depth insight regarding daydreaming, how it occurs in the incoherent mind of a child, excessive daydreaming as a distracting element, the relationship of daydreaming with creativity, etc. Also know how can control your kid's irrational daydreaming propensities.

education (education.vsnl.com)

Did you know that daydreaming, if cultivated at a tender age, can actually impart a significant amount of imaginative faculties to a child? Daydreaming can inculcate in the child's mind values like mental composure, patience and a number of other attributes required to lead a happy life. Go through this treatise composed by Anil K Rajvanshi to explore the root to profound happiness.

lifepositive (www.lifepositive.com)

Aware of hypnosis? The practice of hypnotherapy can call forth permanent changes in an individual's behavior pattern and thought process. Note that daydreaming is the first step of the staircase to tranquility and psychological bliss. Glean through the enlightening article written by Vanit Nalwa from Life Positive to find acute case studies on daydreaming and hypnosis and to know more about hypnotherapy.

yourromanceguide (www.yourromanceguide.com)

Make your marital life a kinky one to by experimenting with sexual fantasizing! Do find the tips for maintaining a steady relationship with your partner. Learn to identify the telltale signs of love and affection. Also explore dating tips, love tips, marriage tips and so on. Download cute and romantic wallpapers, screen savers and love e-cards. Check out the following link.

rediff (inwww.rediff.com/getahead/)

This Rediff portal showcases exhaustive studies about sexual fantasies and other fantasies about vengeance, love, fame, success, immortality, wishful thinking, etc. Get to know the basic concept of fantasizing from a psychoanalyst's point of view. In case you are worried about the adverse impacts of sexual fantasies during teenage or during marital life, get your queries resolved from this website.

sify (sify.com/lifestyle/)

The logical interpretation of sexual fantasies may show you the much sought after ways to study your own personality better. According to the doctors and psychiatrists, sex is more of a mental thing than just an instinctive response to physical desires and hence, studying fantasies can actually shed some light into the darker areas of human psychology. Glean through the list of the most common fantasies humans engage in.

harmony.indiatimes (harmony.indiatimes.com)

Looking for some really interesting trivia on fantasizing and other psychological matters? Take a peep into this website in order to find a statistical database of topics like sexual honesty, first time sex, the waiting games, one-night stands and last but by no means the least, the role of sexual fantasies. Come and gear up your Sex Quotient!

india-today (www.india-today.com)

Troubled by extramarital affairs of your partner? In case you are, it will be worth taking a look at this article composed by Dr Bir Singh, the spearhead of the Sex and Marriage Counseling Clinic at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. As per the thousands of surveys conducted all over the world, extramarital affairs are on the rise, casting doubts over the basic trustworthiness of the most beautiful of human relationships, that is, the bond of love. Visit this website to find the probable reasons behind such relationships and the inevitable aftermaths. Find the tips to restore peace and order into the suffocating home front.

kamasutra (/living.oneindia.in/kamasutra/)

Learn to interpret sexual dreams, its causes, underlying principles, cultural significances and plausible treatments. Visit this oneindia portal to read up the article. Don't hesitate to post your views and comments on the treatise. Note that you need to be a registered member of the site to be able to submit your opinion. Click on the ensuing link to explore further.

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