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Foeticide or feticide is primarily a legal issue referring to illegal killing of a foetus. In medical terminology, foeticide is termination of a foetus. It might occur during the initial stages of a legitimate induced abortion. However, the issue of foeticide normally assumes legal connotations in countries like India where female foeticide is on the rise alarmingly. In the context, cases of foetal homicide or fetal homicide are running rampant among the ignorant cross-section of people in India. Foetal homicide is as reprehensible a practice as other forms of violence against women. It is an issue closely related to violation of not just women rights but more importantly, of human rights. It is a shame for any progressive nation that a male child is given preference to a female child and consequently lives are literally nipped in the bud in front of the wide open eyes of an indifferent society. If you think that you are a progressive minded human being, you have no other option but to raise your voice for these unborn victims of violence. Let www.bestindiansites.com be the guide in your fervent protest.

infochangeindia (www.infochangeindia.org)

It is against medical ethics to determine the sex of a foetus. As per the PCPNDT act, any attempt to determine the gender of a foetus is a punishable act under legal jurisdiction. But the unfortunate truth of the matter remains like a haunting nightmare. A number of cases of foetal homicide occur regularly in many parts of the country. Visit this web portal to study such foeticide cases. Also get to know how the doctors are involved in this unethical practice of prenatal sex determination.

zeenews (www.zeenews.com)

It takes a lot of doing to officially register each and every case of pregnancy especially when you are dealing with a country of more than one hundred and six crores of people and still counting. But the Government of India is looking at foeticide cases with grim seriousness. Read up what the Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhury had to comment on the government's stance regarding foeticide and infant mortality cases.

helpageindia (www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/)

This interesting article reports on the role of eunuchs in ensuring foeticide prevention in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. They have willingly come forward to adopt female children. Go through the complete report to acknowledge and admire the fortitude and determination of those who themselves go through a lot of ill treatment by the so called civilized society. Click on the link given below to read up the complete story. Don't refrain yourself from rating the article as well.

ncertncert (

This web portal hosted by NCERT is going to provide you with comprehensive coverage of the three days National Consultation on Female Foeticide conducted by the Department of Women's Studies, NCERT. Noted social scientists, educationalists, policy planners, media personnels, doctors, religious leaders and NGO activists shared their views on female foeticide. They also discussed on the importance of maintaining a healthy child sex ratio. Browse through the article to explore more.

giveindia (www.giveindia.org)

Donate unconditionally for a cause which is going to make millions of people breathe and live! Yes, do your bit in an anti foeticide campaign conducted by GiveIndia. Check out the break-up of the amount you are going to donate. Also glean through the feedback and donor experience segments. Acquaint yourself with the stories of achievement for PREED. Check out the following link.

business-standard (www.business-standard.com)

This web portal hosted by the Business Standard showcases an interview with Mr. Akhil Sivadas, the executive director of the Center for Advocacy and Research. He alludes to the diverse aspects of foeticide and sex discrimination tests illegally practiced in India and also on the role of NGOs in keeping a strict eye on the proceedings. Learn about their success stories in the state of Rajasthan with respect to the ratio between male child and female child.

k4d (www.k4d.org)

It is often the case that one or two unasked questions can create more uneasy situations than asking an uneasy question itself. Now in case you are unaware of the yet-to-be-asked questions regarding the sensitive and controversial issue of foeticide, you've got to visit this web portal at least once. Pamela Philipose from The Indian Express comes up with some crucial questions pertaining to foeticide. Click on the link given below to read up the complete article.

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