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The term gay normally refers to a type of sexual orientation between men, namely male homosexuality. In archaic usage, gay used to mean a kind of happy-go-lucky state of mind, free of all cares and inhibitions. The modern interpretation of the word developed from the implied sexual undertone of this particular attitude not heeding to conventional norms or prevailing social practices when it comes to choosing sexual partners. It's always been a controversial issue since society has always taken a stubborn stance against gay marriage or gay love. 'Straight' is the term used as opposed to gay or homosexuality. It denotes heterosexuality, a healthier and respectable sort of sexual orientation, so to speak. Visit the following websites put together by
www.bestindiansites.com to bone up extensive information regarding gay relationships, gay rights, homosexuality, gay pride, gay dating and a number of other relevant topics and discussions.

gaydate (www.gaydate.in)

Searching for a gay date? This website caters to gay dating services in India. Create your own account before you can find your ideal partner. Also visit the forums and read up the forum topics. Post your own comments to increase your chances of getting noticed by other members. Cast your vote on the topic of the month and do check out the blog section as well.

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

The provisioning of gay rights is a burning issue in the contemporary Indian society. DNA India comes up with an article on the latest Supreme Court verdict to the Delhi High Court to review its decision to adjudge same-sex relationships as an aberration from conventional human bondage. The issue of claiming gay rights has once again come to the forefront of discussion and debate. Go through the complete report by clicking on the link given below.

living oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

Gay marriage or homosexual marriage is no longer a taboo in most parts of the world. Those who support gay marriage argue that if marriage signifies the eternal love between two individuals, there should not be any problem in marrying the loved one irrespective of his gender. The article presented in this web portal showcases different views and impressions about gay marriage, its impact on the changing society and a number of other cases pertaining to gay marriage.

legalservicesindia (www.legalservicesindia.com)

Tulika Srivastava from legalserviceindia.com embarks on a research program to bring into focus some of the cardinal aspects of homosexuality. Get to know the author's interpretation of the provisions made in the Indian Penal Code with respect to gay relationships. In case you are worried about whether male homosexuality is a legal offense or not, this treatise will assist you greatly. Also find the global scenario when it comes to the legal aspects of gay relationships.

kamasutraontheweb (www.kamasutraontheweb.com)

Instances of bisexuality, initially perceived as a sexual disorder, have been accepted now as a genetic sexual preference. Yet things are not as simple as they might look. Some behaviorists opine that homosexual tendencies are largely dependent on the immediate surrounding in which an individual has been brought up. Now if you are getting interested to explore more on bisexuality, you've got to visit this web portal at least once! Mug up historical examples of bisexuality, different types of bisexuality, bisexuality in contemporary times, prevailing theories regarding bisexuality and the generic bisexual outlook towards life.

web portal (

This web portal showcases a research project on the structural difference of brains of male homosexuals and heterosexuals. Three main areas of the brain play the pivotal role in determining the sexual orientation of males. In case you nurture more than academic interests regarding homosexual orientation, read up the complete article by logging on to the link provided below.

india-today (www.india-today.com)

The sudden uprising of bisexuality has been a cause for concern in developing countries such as India. This India Today online article portrays a couple of case studies, one of which is a harrowing experience in the life of a middle-class Indian woman. Get to know what the experts have to comment on this surging sweep. You are also going to find a number of help lines and NGOs working to spread awareness against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

domaining (www.domaining.in)

This archival shopping portal showcases website addresses from where you can shop for a variety of gay pride commodities such as pride rings, pride flags, rainbow pride merchandise, pride gifts, key chains, stickers, tee shirts, coffee mugs, caps and many more fascinating products. Explore more by logging on to the following link.

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