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Immigration pertains to the movement of people from one nation to another. It differs from migration in the sense that the former denotes residence for an extending period or permanent residence in a country which is not indigenous to the immigrant(s). The immigrant may earn citizenship of the country to which he or she immigrated to. It may be noted that tourists or short-run visitors are not regarded as immigrants. There are specific immigration laws for each country. This is because immigrants normally belong to different ethnic groups or cultures and find it difficult to adjust to an alien land. It has been observed in the past that allowing prolific immigration has resulted in various conflicts such as xenophobia, social disharmony and disintegration in many developing as well as the developed countries. Illegal immigration is a major problem in many countries including India. It is an act of international trespassing against the rules of immigration. An illegal immigrant is an outsider who unlawfully crosses the international-political border of a country either by sea, land or air, or a foreign citizen who, having entered the destination country legally, intentionally outstays his or her visa so that he or she can study, live or work there for a longer than he was legally allotted. Now if you are looking for websites dealing with various aspects of immigration such as immigration law, immigration services, immigration statistics, immigration visa, immigration graphs and so on, take some time in gleaning through the websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com

immigrationindia (immigrationindia.nic.in)

Get to know the national immigration services offered by the Bureau of Immigration under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Headquartered in Chennai, the foreigners' registration work is conducted in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Amritsar. Check out the links to know about registration requirements, VISA extension procedures, health regulations, FAQs and lot more.

indiafocus indiainfo (indiafocus.indiainfo.com)

This colossal virtual directory portrays definitive online resources for a number of immigration issues like Embassies or Consulates, Consultancies, Immigration Laws, Visa, etc. Check out the sponsored links to get detailed information on immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the UK. Also amass relevant details regarding how you can apply for a Visa, what the administrative procedures you need to go through before immigrating and so on. Simply click on the following link and fly to your dreamed-of destination!

ians (www.ians.in)

Want to know about immigration laws and immigration rights? IANS chips in with extensive reports and articles on happening topics related to immigration. Also find other topics such as art and culture, business, crime, environment and wildlife, education, politics, health, lifestyle, tourism, sports, etc. Get in touch with them in case you want to come up with your valuable feedback. Click on the following link to explore furthermore.

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

The web version of the Daily News & Analysis (DNA) reports an interesting topic pertaining to US immigration. Unsatisfied with the US authority's last minute turnaround in issuing permanent Visa, the green card seeking Indians expressed their discontentment in the most weird way imaginable! They sent bouquet of flowers to Emilio Gonzales, the director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Read up the complete report by logging on to the following link.

infoicic (www.infoicic.com)

Pondering over immigrating to Canada? If yes, you better check out this website to acknowledge the unique aspects of this wonderful nation. Canada is ranked at the top when it comes to offering quality lifestyle, educational opportunities, employment options and everything that makes life worthwhile. The nation takes pride in its integrated health care services. It is not a mere coincidence that more than 200,000 immigrants come to Canada each year in search of a better fortune. Check out the following link.

explore oneindia (explore.oneindia.in)

This oneindia archive showcases a plethora of websites on diverse aspects of immigration. No matter to which corner of the world you are aspiring to immigrate, you will get to know how to go about things in vivid details. Find the websites of the Australian, Singaporean, Canadian, American, British and South African embassies and consulates. Also browse through the online resources for the Immigration Advisory Services, immigration Visa, immigration business and other immigration issues. Buckle up your shoes and get going!

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

The e-version of one of the leading news dailies The Indian Express reports on the Government's proposed steps to dog-watch on illegal immigration. The Home Ministry and Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs are planning to devise full-proof strategies in order to prevent illegal immigration and human trafficking. According to the report, the tracking and checking systems around the country are going to be computerized. This will ease up the immigration checks considerably. Read up the complete report to acquaint yourself furthermore.

itpeopleindia (www.itpeopleindia.com)

In case you are having doubts regarding how to get hold of an immigration Visa, come and take a peek into this web portal hosted by IT PEOPLE. Learn about what documents you need to present before the immigration interview panel, the fees to be submitted, how long the Visa will be in effect and a number of relevant queries pertaining to immigrant Visa procedure.

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