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Lesbianism is a form of sexual orientation referring to homosexual relationship among two or more women who are sexually drawn in to one another. Such women are known as lesbians and the practice of lesbianism or same-sex love is markedly different from that of bisexuality in which any individual, a man or a woman, is sexually pulled in to both men and women. Lesbianism entirely depends on how a woman identifies herself with regards to her sexual and romantic inclination. It has been argued that traces of lesbianism are dormant in every woman. However, no concrete evidence has been established as yet to solidify this argument. Although lesbianism is legally acceptable in countries like the UK, many countries, especially the Muslim countries, do not encourage female homosexuality and it is dealt with severe punishments ranging from death penalty to imprisonment. It is interesting no note that many lesbians have been historically engaged in claiming lesbian rights and promoting the doctrine of feminism and women's right. Now if you care two hoots for flaks about conservative and puritanical preachings and want to know about lesbianism, team up with
www.bestindiansites.com to find websites on lesbianism and same-sex relationships.

lifestyle indiainf (lifestyle.indiainfo.com)

Are you into a girl crash, being a girl yourself? Sounds weird? This is a prevailing trait firmly rooted in the core of every woman's mind. Visit the website to read up an article penned down by Mita Kapur from IndiaInfo. If you want to have a scientific explanation of lesbianism from a psychological perspective why does it develop and why only women and not men, your search ends here yielding rich dividend. You can rate the article in a scale of 1 to 5.

channels apollolife (channels.apollolife.com)

It's been a predominant belief that women turn to lesbianism in order to gain more control over their sexual desires without having to compromise with their self-entity. Some argue that lesbianism is an instinctive retaliation against male dominance. Find more such myths and beliefs about lesbianism from this web portal. Read up the article to get an in-depth insight into female homosexuality and society's response to it.

connexions (connexions.rediff.com)

Is lesbianism just a game to have fun or is there more to this psychological paradox? Do women engage in lesbianism to teach men a hard lesson or are all women lesbians? Rediff Connexions showcases some core issues regarding what women want. Create your own profile and submit your views on lesbianism. Check out the following link.

sexnhormonecentre (www.sexnhormonecentre.com)

Concerned about lesbianism? You can check this website out for some hormonal therapy. Both homosexual males and females will get benefited from the sex therapy. Also learn about various male and female sexual complications. Don't feel shy to consult the experts in case you are having some unresolved sex-related queries. For more, click on the link furnished below.

kamasutraontheweb (www.kamasutraontheweb.com)

Instances of bisexuality, initially perceived as a sexual disorder, have been accepted now as a genetic sexual preference. Yet things are not as simple as they might look. Some behaviorists feel that homosexual tendencies are largely dependent on the immediate surrounding in which an individual has been brought up. Now if you are getting interested to explore more on bisexuality, you've got to visit this web portal at least once! Mug up historical examples of bisexuality, different types of bisexuality, bisexuality in contemporary times, prevailing theories regarding bisexuality and lesbianism and the generic bisexual outlook towards life.

indiatodaygroup (indiatodaygroup.com)

Know about various organizations in India fighting for the causes of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people. For example, Pratyay in Kolkata, the Aanchal helpline, Sappho (a Kolkata-based lesbian group), NGO Naz Foundation (India) Trust, Sangini, etc. are a few of the premier organizations. Check out the following link to know more.

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