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Live Together

Live together is a type of cohabitation opted by an adult man and woman on the basis of mutual approval. It is a predominating trend all around the globe, especially among the free willing generation who dare to defy conventional norms and social practices. While marital relationships are showing a tendency to fall apart, living together or cohabitation is seen as a welcoming change especially for women. Many feminists and humanists condemn marriage simply because of its patriarchal oppression. Now before you form any opinion whatsoever regarding the concept of live together, find some online resources and statistics pertaining to live together and live together practices. Glean through the following websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to acquire in-depth insight into this highly controversial issue of living together.

oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

What is live together? How did the concept of live together come into existence? To what extent is the trend of living together accepted in modern society? What are the reasons of adopting such a so-called offbeat trend? If these are the queries jamming up your inquisitive mind, read up the article on live together provided in this oneindia web portal. Penned down by Debasmita Chanda, the treatise encapsulates all the talked-about issues pertaining to live together. Click on the following link to read up more on live together before marriage.

yahoo (in.news.yahoo.com)

Is it plainly due to commitment phobia that live together practices or live-in relationships have come in vogue these days? Or is it just a way of asserting self-independence? The web report you are going to read up in this website will tell you that the chances of stability in a live-in relationship are getting fainter as the complexities of such relationships are mounting up. Live together statistics are given to support the claims. Click on the following link to grasp more.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

Glean through the story of Thasnibanu who had the guts to swim against the stream in a conservative Indian society. She fought against all odds to achieve a special marriage license and to marry Nazar. Thasnibanu decided to live together with Nazar prior to this and it infuriated the fundamentalist section of the area. You are a mere click away to unveil the drama.

indlaw (news.indlaw.com)

Since marriage is perceived as an institution in India, married couples enjoy a number of prerogatives and benefits such as social acclamation, legal recognition, financial security and so on. On the contrary, cohabitation or live together is still regarded to be a somewhat disloyal and frivolous relationship, lacking in commitment and responsibility. But advocates of cohabitation have their points too. According to the feminist schools of thought, live together can diminish the chances of being exploited by a society which is essentially patricentric. This is only the tip of the iceberg! Get the complete story from the link provided below.

yourromanceguide (yourromanceguide.com)

Find interesting discusions related to marriage and live together. How can you make married life a happy one? How to maintain a healthy and engaging relationship with your spouse? What role does your personality play in the mind of your partner? Why should a couple decide to tie the knots especially when they can live together? What are the telltale signs of an unpleasant relationship? How not to let professional stresses enter your married life? If these are the questions crowding your mind, check out this web portal to find your comprehensive romance guide.

indiaparenting (www.indiaparenting.com)

The concept of live together has been borrowed from the western countries. The trend of living together has really taken an otherwise conventional Indian society by storm. The article you are going to find in this web portal raises a number of questions regarding live together before marriage and live-in relationships. Many of today's careerist individuals prefer not to get themselves engaged in long-term commitments.

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